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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mechanics, conditions of successful revolution is necessary subject of most serious study, analysis

Mechanics Of Revolution Is Necessary Subject-Matter Of Study, Consideration
(Apollonian, 11 Sep 10)

This is great posting for consideration of what makes revolution and successful rebellion/insurgency. See For what we're getting now as a culture is mere "Tower of Babel"-type confusion which yet is successfully imposed and maintained as the central power dominates over confused rabble which is dis-united. Thus we as people still need/require "paradigm-change" as I've noted, this regarding "free" will idea, which "free" will has been horribly over-blown by people of the West, heretofore.

All the people want--still, too much--is entertainment, as on TV, and enough drugs, legal and illegal, to tide them over their day-to-day miseries, such as they are. Can the people ever get together sufficiently?--in order to thereupon succeed in rebellion/revolution?--it's possible w. present mighty INTERNET, which ZOG-Mammon KNOWS they must remove, pronto.

Ah well, meantime things continue to get worse and worse and worse, economically and politically, and very soon US Dollar is going to collapse which will be bad for ZOG-Mammon empire as they'll have difficulty keeping up payments to their enforcers.

Further, we also know there's trouble and not just a little in-fighting at the very top level of masterminds as Alex Jones ( savages the CFR-Bilderberg "left-liberal" faction behind communist United Nations (UN), Jones covering for the "rightist-conservative" faction of lower-level (sociologically, even though these lower-level Jews are still incredibly rich--compared to goyim) Jews, even if he remains neutral on the Israel-"zionist" issue.

For note--these Jews of lower-level, especially, ARE NOT eager to see USA go down tubes, this USA fm which they've fed and prospered so much and so well over last couple generations. What will Israel do without rich USA to suck fm and off of?

For Israel-zionist-"neo-cons" are the other main faction at the top-level, these making up the "rightist-conservatives," allied then w. largest single faction of gentiles, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who dominate the rest of the gentiles soooo effectively for Jews.

But there's ONE THING still missing for rebels to ZOG-Mammon--and that's UNITY upon the hated enemy, though Alex Jones does good enough job, so far, focussing against CFR-Bilderberg and "leftists-liberals," the "globalists," as he calls them. For then, what about Israel, "zionists," and Jews?--Jones doesn't say much about them, indeed defending the Jews even if not mentioning much the "zionists" and Israel. For that's big problem for Jones--Israel.

My own solution is ANTI-SEMITIC Christianity (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9) as basic unifying agency, but I must say there's still lots of sympathy among dumb TV-addicted goyim for scummy Jews (oh, how I hate 'em), and the Christianity issue/ideal itself still has a lot to go for clarification, it's present reputation so horrible for MYSTICISM--against the necessary reason/rationality which was its original inspiration, Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, as in Gosp. JOHN.

And I get too little help--esp. fm these "Christian Identity" clowns, as we have here at Stumble Inn--these people mired in Old Testament (OT) lore and idiotic clap-trap, babbling about "the covenant" they supposedly have w. God, pretending European whites are descended fm Israelites.

CONCLUSION: People just don't want to simplify for things, Christian vs. Jew a matter of REASON vs. mysticism--NOOOOOOOO, this is just tooooooo easy for the morons who insist upon complexity. For there are NO "good" Jews anymore than there are "good" Talmudists or "good psychopaths." So things just have to keep getting worse and worse, I'm sorry to say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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