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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Need "Paradigm-Change"--So let's get busy

Quick--We Urgently Need "Paradigm Change"--Here's Why And How
(Apollonian, 1 Sep 10)

Hitler wasn't a bad guy--he was pretty good, actually. But pt. is he was a tool who was deliberately put in place, so as to have WWII started, by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see and for expo/ref.) and associates which CFR conspirators were/are behind the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for expo/ref.) COUNTERFEIT (but legalized, u see) scam, this WWII for purpose of consolidating "United Nations" (UN) world gov.

Do u realize, once again, what an incredible scam the Fed is?--they just print out colored paper, which morons of the world now call "money." This printing of money then DILUTES the value of all the money that previously existed, right? And to boot, on top of it all, the criminals who call themselves "bankers" CHARGE INTEREST(!) upon this COUNTERFEITED (fiat) "money," newly issued.

So is it any wonder the Jew bankers behind it all (Fed) make sure "money" goes out first and most to their co-racialists?--is it any wonder at least a third of the billionaires are Jews?--at least ones we know for sure--there are surely more ("cryptos").

Jews then, are simply foremost, sublime CRIMINALS, that's all, and note their Talmud (see and for best expo/ref. on Talmud) preaches hatred against gentiles, the Talmud just a war-program, worshipping a war-god. So what do u expect fm criminals?--they make it a legal offense for the people to "hate" them--is this clever or what?

And observe this COUNTERFEITING game Jew criminals run only begins to going bust when they do TOO MUCH of the COUNTERFEITING (or "issuing of money"), and "HYPER-inflation" results which then destroys the currency which becomes worthless--no one wanting it. US Fed has now gone on for almost ONE HUNDRED YRS--what an art these pure scum have made of their criminal conspiracy, stringing along the stupid, brainless goyim. First, u just buy-up all the mass-media, see?--and yes, internet has been a disaster for the scum, without a doubt, the "cat" now out of the proverbial bag, now.

"God never yet made sheep that weren't meant to be sheared"--reportedly quoted fm J.P. Morgan, famous "banker" and architect of the original US Fed.

It's said then, that Hitler became primary enemy of the Jew bankers when he took Germany out of the large fiat-money system back in 1937, and that's when Roosevelt started talking about placing "quanrantine" on Germany.

So u see comrades, poor Hitler and Germany NEVER STOOD A CHANCE--it (WWII) was all rigged yrs and yrs before everything fell into place--the whole purpose was to control the world by means of dictator-henchmen like Stalin.

So our poor, dumb people desperately need a mental "PARADIGM" change--they're NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, never, never, going to get "smart," or anything like that--in fact, many of them are just simply not going to make it. But the pt. is people have to be treated ("paradigm-change") so as to follow DIFFERENT, or "better," leaders--in order to de-activate the present crew of murdering, in-bred, totally psychopathic criminal masterminds.

But this paradigm-change has to be subtle too--it can't be toooooo "radical."
So what's GOT TO HAPPEN is the people's Christianity has to be re-defined BACK to what it ORIGINALLY was and was meant to be--ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

But anti-semitic Christianity then, is mere style-change--what's at the substantial core?

And that (substantial core) has to be a RADICAL re-understanding of HUMAN WILL--it is NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT, perfectly "free"--u see?--in fact, it's not free at all, everything is really perfectly determined--it's why it's so easy to demonstrate history is CYCLIC, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

But we revolutionaries must begin by emphasizing human will is not perfectly free--people can handle that, still pretending they have some freedom.

CONCLUSION: I could say more, of course, but I'm tired now having written all this, and I've basically done the necessary work for laying out basic principle--regarding that disastrous and hubristic "free will" delusion/fallacy which Jews take such advantage of which then so easily serves to "push buttons" for people's emotions, especially regarding "good-evil" delusion/fallacy. So people pls get busy now and change ur stinking paradigm(s) regarding "free" will, okay? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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