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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Politics" Is Game Wherein Fortunes Are CYCLIC
(Apollonian, 21 Sep 10)

This is a good topic to address: POLITICS in general and how it works. See For politics is way we "regulate" our society, passing "laws" to making sure things economic continue along in productive manner. Nowadays people are scared US economy is about to go bust--due to US Dollar's imminent collapse.

See, there's been just toooooo much COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud) going on, so the game must end soon. What a run it has been for the Fed fraud--since 1913, no less than nearly 100 yrs.

For all things sociologic and thus historic are CYCLIC according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. For note economic systems begin in HONESTY and genuine production by the dear good people/volk, but when it gets really thriving people start looking for short-cuts and criminality, beginning w. FRAUD, starts to thrive. For people soon become HUBRISTIC imagining they can be "good"--with that perfectly "free" God-like will.

For humans are eventually such hubristic suckers, so willing and capable of fooling themselves--of course, this comes AFTER they've learned to succeed at the basics for keeping themselves fed sufficiently.

Thus Jews, foremost organized criminals eventually step in, dominating all the stupid gentile criminals who, though they vastly out-number Jews, are yet too competetive w. one another, poor, stupid morons--as we observe fm the American example in history, among others.

People wonder how these relatively few Jews can so effectively dominate, and Jews show it's by organization, Jews co-operating w. one another soooo brilliantly, deftly, and successfully.

Okay--so anyway, the pt. is now "POLITICS" IS DOMINATED BY JEW-MONEY manipulating: first, the mass-corporate media is TOTALLY controlled by Jews, and this has been the fact since wayyyyyy back in 19th cent. Nowadays vote fraud has been elevated to art-form, presently by means of "electronic voting"--see and for expo/ref.

And so it goes for the CYCLIC rise of criminality out of virtue and subsequent "Decline of the West," the steady, systematic degeneration and corruption of things--until we have a general CRASH and complete COLLAPSE, everything coming to a screeching halt, starvation of the masses of stupid, brainless goyim, civil unrest, martial law, civil war, etc., as the civilization is steadily destroyed.

Can the sad, pathetic situation be saved?--perhaps, but not necessarily, and it's certainly not a sure thing--it will require great effort and inspiration--and present INTERNET is a tremendous tool which has set so many good folks "on fire" so to speak.

What's necessary is that "Paradigm-Change" of the mind which has to happen for enough people by which the civilization can be revived and resurged--much like the Christian example of early 4th cent. Roman empire, led by the military man, St. Constantine the Great.

And that basic, specific inspiration has to be rejection of hubristic perfectly "free" human will fallacy/delusion/heresy. History and all reality is rather DETERMINED in accord w. absolute cause-effect--and that's why hist. is CYCLIC in first place.

Thus in the CYCLE of things (hist. and sociologic) the people BEGIN to thrive as they're honest and productive, but they PEAK as they begin to take on that HUBRISTIC "free" will delusion, pretending to "good-evil," etc., Jews and other criminal parasites now beginning their own CYCLIC rise and thriving, the host-victim people thereupon receding for their own prosperity at hands of criminals, Jews, and parasites who steadily take-over the culture--as we see.

Thus we observe now Jews and parasites falling-out w. one another as they see host-victim USA sugar-daddy is about to collapse, these parasites forming up in two or three basic groups, (a) the "left-liberals" behind Obama/Soetoro who fronts for CFR-Bilderberg faction behind communist United Nations (UN), (b) the "zionist"-"neo-con" Jews leading the "Judeo-Christian" (JC) hereticalists, these being top two factions w. most political power.

Then (c) there are also the lower-level Jews, these behind such as Ron Paul ( and and Alex Jones ( who don't necessarily back either of the top two factions, but rather fear they, Jews in general, will be (rightly) blamed for economic difficulties and disasters, and esp. the lower-level Jews suffering as consequence.

So the pt. is Christian volk can regain mastery of situation--but only after there's been substantial damage done to top Jew factions, aforementioned. Meantime the people/volk must heed to necessary "paradigm-change," rejecting that dread delusion of HUBRISTIC, perfectly "free" will which made them victim to Jew criminals in first place.

CONCLUSION: Thus thematic Christianity must be re-discovered for what it really is and was meant to be--ANTI-SEMITISM most fierce and decisive--there are no "good" Jews anymore than there are good psychopaths. Thus Christianity is love of TRUTH founded in OBJECTIVE reality of Aristotle--against Jew subjectivism and mysticism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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