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Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Totalitarian humanism"--typical Jewwy euphemism covering for planned mass-murder of world "over-population"

Euphemisms Covering For Lies--Always The Mark Of Fascism
(Apollonian, 23 Sep 10)

Comrades: "totalitarian humanism" is surely good and adequate euphemism for "politically correct," covering for the latest FASCISM--rule of sheer might, terror, and force AGAINST law. See

And irony is this "humanism" covers for eugenicist excuse for literally reducing the world's "over-population" in name of "green" "environmentalism," etc.

See, we just have a bunch of CRIMINALS in power, that's all--they run that basic money and banking scam known as "fractional-reserve," just another euphemism to cover for legalized COUNTERFEITING--see for expo/ref.

So it's really just the ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies--EVERYTHING IS A LIE, u dig?--after all, what do u expect for a culture founded upon such money-banking fraud as US Fed (Federal Reserve Bank). For everything else about the culture has to prop- and back-up this basic funny-money fraud, including then "humanism" covering for literal mass-murder and Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

Basic then, psychologically, propping and backing-up this putrid, stinking emp.-of-lies is the fallacy/delusion/heresy of a perfectly "free" human will and subsequent "good-evil" complex pushed and induced upon the generation of fools and children bred to enforce the empire.

For this basic "free" will delusion then is essential to SUBJECTIVISTIC culture and general mentality by which "anything goes," and there is no TRUTH as there is NO objective standard/criterion understood, recognized, or even acknowledged or allowed by fascists who hate such objectivity as it is basis of the natural law which convicts them in eyes of any honest people who still survive to be the slaves to the fascists.

CONCLUSI0N: Thus OBJECTIVE reality then manifests absolute cause-effect which rules OUT hubris and perfectly "free," God-like, human will which lends to "good-evil" delusion which intimidates the slaves. For objectivity (hence Aristotle) is that necessary criterion to TRUTH which fascism so much abhors and fears. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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