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Friday, November 19, 2010

Induction is well and effectively used to smoke-out Jews, Jewwies

[QUOTE=Zed;292593]Good Lord, Appy, are you seriously claiming all those posters even Dudley Smith are Jews?[/QUOTE]

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Inductive Technique Is Stubborn, Effective Thing, Indeed
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 10)
Zed: as rationalist and scientist I make use of INDUCTIVE LOGIC; hence I take note of details and observations by which then conclusions and tentative conclusions (also called "hypotheses") may be drawn. See

As u may know then, once we have these tentative conclusions, drawn fm specific details and scientific observations, we thereupon test those conclusions to see if they hold up in reality--that's all we can do, right? For such is the scientific method in accord w. Inductive logic.

Further then, comrade Zed, after we've done enough testing, over and over and over, after we've observed many, many details, all of these consistent, there reaches the pt. in science when the INDUCTIVE CONCLUSION is considered the ONLY rational, proper conclusion, and thence it must be DIS-PROVEN.

So u see good comrade Zed, I want to assure u I'm trying to be MOST careful and scrupulous for science and reason--ALWAYS.

For further, more specific example, consider the TREMENDOUS, IMMENSE, and at this pt. in time, over-whelming evidence we have for 9-11: (a) the buildings were OBVIOUSLY brought down by controlled demolition explosives; (b) massive residues of super thermite are found in dust samples; (c) US Air Force was un-questionably stood-down and diverted; (d) 9-11 Commission Report was gross, huge, massive, putrid COVER-UP, fraught w. hundreds if not thousands of anomalies, lies, distortions, and omissions, which cover-up is now (e) admitted even by many of the members themselves.

So u see Zed, at this pt., Jews (like top neo-cons) gotta PROVE THEY WEREN'T INVOLVED--u get it?--for this is the necessary, scientific, INDUCTIVE process.

This INDUCTIVE method, in which I've been most carefully academically trained, then is what I apply to our dialectics. If someone acts like a Jew, talks like a Jew, thinks like a Jew (the famous "duck test")--then hey, u know what?--maybe, just possibly perhaps--it might be a gosh-darned Jewwy, right? As good scientist, I then confront the scum and demand he prove HE'S NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a gosh-darned, scummy, filthy, stinking kike.

This, above-detailed, is simply the "scientific," inductive method, u see.

Zed, the way u implicitly seem to otherwise proceed--and the way our poor, foolish, moronic, pathetically duped people and citizenry of USA have proceeded--is to allow the kikes to TOTALLY TAKING OVER, hoping against hope and reality that the OBVIOUS treacherous truth isn't really true.

Zed, the time is going to come--fairly soon too--when it will be absolutely necessary and even IMPERATIVE to SHOOT FIRST, and ask questions later.

And Zed, believe me, "Dudley Smith" is a stinking piece-of-shit--and I assure u I've had business before w. this Jewwy scum.

To be sure, comrade Zed, it may indeed turn out to being case that such filthy puke as "dudley" is not exactly a kike--maybe he's indeed a gentile--BUT HE'S OF THE JEWWY MENTALITY, as I've pt'd out. These Jewwies are always ultimately SUBJECTIVISTS who push the perfectly "Free" will delusion/fallacy/heresy and thus "good-evil" pretension/presumption.

Observe how "dudley" attempts to discount "conspiracy theories"--this is a dead give-away, my good comrade. "Dudley" is UN-QUESTIONABLY a Jewwy, if not an out-right Jew, u may be sure.

Finally and again, comrade Zed, I only want to impress u w. the care and absolute precision of my INDUCTIVE method--which is the ultimate glory of our Western culture, never forget--this INDUCTION by which our great people has discovered and learned to understand the universe, such as we have.

Remember ultimate CONFIRMATION of our suspicions and conclusions is ALWAYS something to be taken into most intensive consideration--even if the culprit admits to it in his own words--it still might be a ruse, eh?

Note then Zed, I'm 57 yrs old, consummate, experienced over many years now, Jew-hunter, anthropologist, psychologist, historian, and student of philosophy, having studied much, even into the Jewwy Talmud and other writings themselves. NO ONE, in my experience, is more careful than myself.

Ask urself Zed, WHAT'S THE HARM in demanding people pretending to being "good white men" to proving they're NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT Jew or Jewwy?--do u think there's a way of testing and knowing?--I certainly think there MUST BE, or we're in BIG TROUBLE, eh?

So anyway comrade Zed, I'll conclude here w. assuring u once again I DO MY BEST to up-holding our culture and our dear, good white volk. Note there are NOT ONLY Jews themselves to be concerned w., but also their scummy suck-alongs, dupes, and willing accomplices. Look at the present US Congress--nearly TOTALLY SOLD-OUT and in the PAY of Jews--practically our WORST enemies.

CONCLUSION: I KNOW what I'm doing, good comrade Zed, and u should take note how carefully I actually am as I go about practice of my techniques. I just, scientifically and logically, build-up for the evidence for PRACTICAL conclusions. For after all, even if it isn't an OUTRIGHT kike--it might STILL REQUIRE execution, eh? Anti-semitism is obedience to God. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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