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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How people overlook the SHEER, GROSS CRIMINALITY of the Fed--lost in abstractions

Dumb Bastards And Fools Die--And This Is Just The Way Of The World, Suckers
(Apollonian, 5 Nov 10)

Talk about stupid, brainless dumb-shits--observe American morons who continue to suffer these stinking COUNTERFEITERS at the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. on Fed scam. Stupid, namby-pamby, complacent, lackadaisical scum--they deserve death, surely.

What is it?--what?--that so mystifies the dumb bastards pretending to citizenship of USA?--for they're like a victim animal hypnotized by the viper about to strike them w. poisonous fangs--how does this take place?--for it's just suicide, induced upon stupid scum.

Well, the answer MUST be these stupid shits are caught within their own lies induced upon themselves--pretending they're REALLY smart and "sophisticated," oh yeah, right, that they REALLY know what's really going on. "Everything is completely under control," say the scum to themselves.

Dumb bastards don't and can't admit they don't know what is going on--SO THESE STUPID SCUM HAVE GOT TO DIE--and this is how they commit suicide, induced by con-artists and gross criminals calling themselves "bankers."

For these brainless (American) bastards can't figure out the simple fact the Fed is LITERALLY just a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam--they seem to think it's just an exaggeration to use such word, "COUNTERFEITING"--NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they say to themselves and one another--that couldn't be true--not really--"there's GOT to be more to it than just, mere COUNTERFEITING, even though we might not understand all the 'complexities.'"

"Complexities"--ha ha--that's what has these fools sooooooo mystified, sooooooo effectively--they THINK it's "complex," this sheer, pure CRIMINAL activity also known as "fractional-reserve money and banking"--what a euphemism which then masks mere COUNTERFEITING.

THERE COULDN'T BE ANYTHING SIMPLER--for even children can understand what COUNTERFEITING IS. The difference is children are honest--but present USA adults are grossly, horrifically DIS-HONEST, beginning w. themselves.

These stupid puke FOOL THEMSELVES FIRST and most, the dumb bastards--THEY DESERVE TO DIE--and die is what they're gonna do very soon when US Dollar collapses, food shortages arise, and civil unrest breaks out.

But HOW did this happen?--how did people become soooooooooooooooooooooooooo incredibly stupid?--to the pt. of literal suicide--is this natural?--How?

Such then is that sublime HUBRIS which strikes the denizens of empires who think they've achieved "success" and "prosperity"--they thus aspire to "moralism"-Pharisaism and thence "good-evil," imagining they're sooooooooooooo virtuous and "good."

CONCLUSION: These hubristic scum then pretend to imagining COMPLEXITY itself is such a glorious thing--they can't understand it, u see, and that's what makes it soooooooo alluring to them. It's then, in midst of this fascination w. complexity, they're best and most easily conned, fooled, and taken-in by con-artists and criminals who call themselves "bankers." And the present COUNTERFEITING scam, called the Fed is what we get. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


  1. Just do a John Galt, do you honestly expect that you(YOU) have the ability to "wake"/shake people up?

    Instead of concentrating on the symptoms, go for the root of the problem. What's the root? Start with what is preventing people from grasping the obvious reality.

    Hmmm, can you figure it out? No cheating with religious irrelevancies. Give it a try Appy.

    Hint, yes, it's the jews but how are they doing it.

    Second hint, yes they are using their stranglehold on information on all levels to distort our perceptions....but there's something else....think, think, think.

  2. Mr. Slick Thinks He's Tough
    (Apollonian, 6 Nov 10)

    Well anon, we all try our best, right? And indeed, I've analyzed the problem u pt. to and I cover it pretty extensively, I'd say. Reality is determined, there being no perfectly "free" will, so the Jewwy-problem is much one of endurance and management.

    Do a J. Galt?--what exactly is that? Ur problem, anon, is u pretend u know, but u don't say. So I guess u think u have everyone impressed w. ur cleverness. Hope u're satisfied. A.

  3. Funny,

    I was not saying that you weren't correct in what you post here to a very large degree. All I am saying is that there is more or, rather, something else going on here altogether.

    Drop the "free will" nonsense for the moment, this has nothing to do with any of that and nothing to do with true faith in anything. We need to have faith in ourselves for the moment and find the courage to find more potent ways of dealing with what we are up against.

    All I am asking you to consider is exactly how the jews AND their allies are pulling this off. Forget all the obvious superficial reasons, there's something else you fail to mention.

    What could it be????

    I guess none of this really matters as our reality is going down thanks to the recent actions at the Fed, yes, you have been right on this all along, so have many of us though so few ever bothered to listen.

    Now what could make an entire society, minus a very few exceptions, blind to this visibly apparent parlor trick; I mean, how could they pull this off?

    Of course, the politicians, the media, the churches have aided in this deception but it's so fucking obvious even without the aid of those who would like to keep this charade going, what is keeping the people from seeing what is right in front of them?

    Now if you can answer what it is that is blinding people to reality, then we can talk about how they are doing it, then we can figure out how to stop them or shield our people from what they are doing.

    If you need to pray for guidance for an answer, please pray but do come up with an answer on your own if your prayers fail to bring on heavenly enlightenment.

  4. BOLD, brazen, and in your face. For all those who doubt the connection to Jekyll Island to this day:

    ".....JEKYLL ISLAND, Ga. – Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke defended the Fed's new $600 billion program to aid the economy on Saturday, rejecting concerns that it will spur runaway inflation."

  5. Hubris Blinds People, Obviously
    (Apollonian, 9 Nov 10)

    "Anon" at 2:17 pm, u pretend I haven't analyzed the problem exhaustively. But what keeps people "blinded," as u put it, is HUBRIS, as I cover things.

    Gentiles are fascinated w. hubristic pretending to "good-evil," as I note in numerous places, imagining it's good to tolerate Jews, for example, this all founded upon fallacy/delusion/heresy of perfectly "free" will.

    CONCLUSION: So if u have a better answer, u need to present it. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  6. Could it be brain numbing chemi-kills in our air, food, and water? Hmmm?

    I must say, nothing short of this explanation can sufficiently explain the dramatic drop in Western IQ's in the last few decades. This all goes beyond ignorance and being "dumbed down" naturally, there has been an addition of an/many accelerant/s, and it doesn't just dumb people down by keeping them ignorant but down to the root through brain function/capability organically.

    Our brains have been tampered with chemically and there is very little that can be done to correct ony of that at this point. Our hope lies in our DNA in future generations but it doesn't seem we will ever be able to provide a future for them.

  7. Yes anon at 7:03 pm, I absolutely agree w. u for ur observation--it is un-questionably a factor in things, this chemical poisoning, as u pt. out.

    But u must remember that IQ scores by themselves aren't necessarily conclusive--as tests themselves are questionable, aside fm the lying "Jews-media" which reports things. Thanks for ur note. A.

  8. Yes Apollonian, you are correct that chemi-kill agents alone are not the entire reason for our sorry state but they certainly are a big factor for sure.

    I completely agree with your assessment on the Fed and as you have pointed out that even children should be able to understand the scam, yet here we are. Obviously there has to be a reason as to why people have been blinded to the obvious, the media tricks alone can't sufficiently explain the denial/ignorance of the average Joe.

    My real question at the root of all of this is why/how have certain of us escaped the symptoms of the poisoning of our environment all around us? This is the million dollar question. Since we all eat, breathe, and drink from the same sources does it all boil down to luck or one's constitution?

    If there is something else to it, I mean, why some of us have been able to avoid the mind numbing agents we are being fed, what could that/those be? If there is something else, some other factor aside from faith or inner strength just what could it be?

    "Something" is shielding some of us from the effects of what is turning our fellow countrymen into mental marshmallows. It cannot be that some of were already so super brilliant that having half of our wits eroded/fluoridated away still left us way ahead of the pack on mental par with those who control us, though dumbed/numbed out sufficiently enough so as not to notice the erosion/corrosion?

    The controllers are also subject to the effects of the poisons they have unleashed upon us, so what is shielding them? Is it possible that some of us have unwittingly stumbled upon the shield which has protected our minds and abilities to see clearly? If so, what the heck could it possible be?