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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aesthetic power of Nietzsche and Rousseau greatly under-estimated for effect on intellect

Nietzschean Aesthetic Power Continues To Rule And Ravage Today
(Apollonian, 10 Nov 10)

What's the real value and power of Nietzsche? See I'd say it was his critique of "Christianity"--NOT AS IT REALLY IS and was meant to be, but rather as it was popularly understood and practiced at the time--and even today too, especially by the middle-class. For Christianity is properly great defender of TRUTH ideal and thus objective, Aristotelian reality, this against the Judaic anti-theses.

And how was and is (still, to this day) Christianity understood?--basically as precisely the putrid "slave-mentality" Nietzsche described and repudiated--but further, and especially now, as slaves to Jews who have managed and manipulated as rulers both of the large middle-class culture of present Western "Decline," according to Oswald Spengler, and also as masters of establishment Christianity itself.

And this great depiction of such gross, false, and putrid pseudo-"Christianity" is surely Nietzsche's great accomplishment as aestheticist and ethicalist expositor, he being so mediocre then for everything else regarding philosophy and even history too. Thus Nietzsche actually built-up, single-handedly, a tremendous "straw-man" version of a false Christianity which so much rules the minds of middle-class mediocrity even to this very day.

For Nietzsche was obviously deficient for understanding the real Christianity and HOW then it degenerated throughout history, part of the Spenglerian "Decline of the West" in hubris, subjectivism, and mysticism.

For historically, Christianity had peaked as cultural force by the time of St. Constantine the Great through to the Renaissance and had begun its definitive decline by means of mystic fascination, especially for mystic "faith" which came to pretend to being a rival/alternative to reason as means of knowledge, real "faith" being really only a synonym for LOYALTY.

The great and monumental irony then is Christianity had taken on the very same mystic version of "faith" which defined anti-thetical Judaism, by which Judaism organizes its thematic criminal conspiracy.

Thus note the enduring and massive IRONY, Nietzsche posing such a monstrous, mystic Christianity and ethics, following instructions of mystics who had traduced that very Christianity, but then further, Nietzsche doing the work of Jew irrationalists and mystics by pretending that putrid and false Christian slave mentality was the product of REASON(!).

Thus we see the great power and effect of AESTHETICS upon understanding of critical concepts, as of Christianity and reason itself, an accomplishment of Nietzsche and notably also J.J. Rousseau, who had come before, which then so grossly and thoroughly prejudiced and veritably captured the imagination of the late modern age.

CONCLUSION: And this unfortunate and utterly false irrationalist and grossly mystic aesthetic continues to prevail, even to this very day, the great fallacious and delusionary specific paradigm and motif being that of perfectly "free" will--against the actual determinist truth within CYCLIC historical circumstances. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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