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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's PLAN?--Remove ZOG, Re-establish Constitution, states rights and sovereignty....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Open Carry" Mere Part-Parcel Of Overthrow Of ZOG, Re-Establishment Of Constitution
(Apollonian, 4 Jun 14)

Note the citizens have all the rights, and it's impossible in reason to taking or not allowing citizens' Constitutional or natural rights--which is only done, actually, by criminal manipulations as we see, ZOG doing terrorist attacks against its own people, as on 9/11, and by further criminal frauds as Sandy Hook, Dec 2012, then Bost. Marathon event soon after, etc.

And note the great use of carrying fire-arms in face of criminal police-force, in so many cases, anyway, which regularly murders the people in accord w. their training rec'd fm Israel for treating the people as Palestinians, cops murdering almost TEN TIMES the number killed by "terrorism."

Further, being armed will be necessary in face of coming and on-going currency-collapse; law and order are breaking-down, this actually a deliberate program for ZOG, encouraging war btwn the races, for example, etc.

As far as the NRA and the other comments regarding appropriateness of carrying arms, that's mere psychologic and cultural--note USA is no longer homogenous white Christian land, there being so many foreign/aliens nowadays, the people no longer seeing things in the integral fashion of old whence carrying weapons wouldn't be seen as inappropriate.

Fact is that ZOG is at war w. all humanity, currently using cluster-bombs in Ukraine, including the people of USA, esp. the Christian people; hence ZOG must be overthrown, the Federal Reserve Bank removed, etc., and citizens taking care for their protection, hence being armed, is absolutely necessary.  Open carry protests are integral part of this on-going and necessary process for protection of citizenry, its rights, and overthrow of ZOG, re-establishment of Constitutional gov.


Elias Garcia said, on June 4, 2014 at 9:46 am
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I believe open carry as a form of protest is perfectly justified.

Where these people go wrong is the idea that they can open carry wherever they please. The stores you mentioned have every right to tell these people to go away. Private property is private property. Despite their outrage, I’m sure they’d start to get angry if people started to randomly hold picket lines on their property. Freedom of speech is a right, after all, is it not??

Additionally, although I think the NRA is actually very ‘crony’ now, I agree with their sentiment on this. You’re only going to scare people by barging into areas randomly with a loaded weapon. Especially very neutral, non-political areas like a coffee shop or a grocery store. However, if the protest is occurring in the open street/gov’t property, I feel it’s something else entirely.
Appreciate your post.


Elias Needs To Grasp A Substantial Plan
(Apollonian, 4 Jun 14)

U say: "Where these people go wrong is idea they can open carry wherever they pls."  Well, is there freedom or not?--what are u saying here?

U can't figure out USA has been taken-over by ZOG?--3 Jews on US Sup. ct., 7 out of 11 Nat. security council Jews?  Jew-controlled CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderberg telling everyone what to do, Israel mass-murdering the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims, and ethnically-cleansing, Jew-controlled banking and corporations, including esp. the mass-media, including esp. the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam, etc.

Have u hrd about the Jew Talmud (there's no other Talmud) which excuses Jews murdering gentiles, saying Christ was rightfully executed for heresy and blasphemy, that Mary, Christ's mother, was prostitute, etc.?--see and for expo on Talmud.

NRA is just another part of the Jew-controlled corp. culture, don't forget.

U evidently just don't know what's going on, and of course, the idea isn't to just going-about and "barging-in" at places--isn't that just a form of bullying?--which is actually what ZOG is doing w. the militarized police?

Perhaps u need to understand a PLAN--and that is to REMOVE ZOG dictatorship, re-establishing Constitutional gov., esp. in form of states rights and sovereignty, removal of illegal aliens/invaders, isolation, suppression, and REMOVAL of Israeli terror-state, decisive neutralization of their cohorts and agents here in USA.

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