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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Prof. Mikey-mike, insulated within his little academic bubble, mere Judas-goat for ZOG psychopaths, mass-murderers....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Prof. Mike: Pied-Piper For ZOG Psychopaths, Mass-Murderers
(Apollonian, 11 Jun 14)

Google is a CRIMINAL corp./enterprise, mere CIA adjunct; see

And u'll NEVER have to drive to ur own funeral, regardless whether google guides the cars or not, Mikey-mike.

Mike, aren't u concerned u're treated as a Judas-goat, ZOG using u to influence the lower-intelligence members of society, the trendies and those who follow Daily Kos and Huffington Post, these poor suckers imagining (evidently) they're informed after listening to ur prop. and Platonist blandishments?

Doesn't it occur to u anything ZOG touches turns to excrement and worse?--do u realize Fukushima disaster is literally out-of-control?  See

Have u forgotten the "fracking" disasters and the well blow-out disaster in Gulf of Mexico?--further aggravated by spraying of corexit poison.  And don't tell us ur usual lies and prop. about the G. of Mex. disaster being fault of free-enterprise, those criminal corp.s actually examples of gov. corruption eliminating free-market competition, esp. by means of the Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING bankers controlling things, pulling strings--just like Google.

And as USA and the West goes down the drain in debt and "austerity," US Dollar collapsing, Prof. Mike so cheerfully acts the soothsayer and pied-piper for all the trendy little morons who imagine they're "edjumacated" after getting B's in Prof. Mike's classes.


  1. hey crappo. get your ass back to your corral at .co before I crush your narrow skull.

    1. I was effectively banned fm kane's "real phora." Not only that, but kane empowered ur CI buddy, lindstedt to making him "moderator," knowing, no doubt, I'd thus be banned, using lindstedt as his excuse. But that's ok, I was able to defeat no less than 3--count 'em--3 scum, clancity, chimpout, and lindstedt, by means of my incisive macros which they hated and complained to kane about, ho ho ho ho ho.

    2. See Kane doesn't care too much for feeble-minded chimpout, or odious lindstedt so much, but he LOVES his little buddy, clancity, who's atheist and Marxist, so he had to do something about mighty apster who would simply inundate the little bastard w. macros, ho ho ho ho ho