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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Click: Obongo is just a "crisis-actor," comrades--more and more folks are beginning to realize....

Jig Is Up For Crisis-Actor Regime Of Obama-Bush Fraud, Criminality
(Apollonian, 5 Jun 14)

It's OVER, suckers--the dirty little secret is now out for everyone to see.  Obama is mere Crisis-actor, front-man for Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderberg psychopaths and mass-murderers.

Sure, we know they have fearsome weapons, like HAARP, nukes, and directed-energy weapons of sort that dustified the WTC bldgs. (see  ZOG also has the mockingbird mass-media and esp., of all things, that amazing COUNTERFEIT scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank.

But Sandy Hook and then Boston Marathon bombing, among the other frauds, were just too much idiotic hoaxes attempted, and now too many people know all about ZOG and it's satanic motivation for exterminating humanity according to AGENDA-21 "de-population," etc.

It's all come to a head now, suckers, all the frauds, scams, and conspiracies--it's had "critical-mass" moment already.  For note the people are realizing JFK was murdered according to conspiracy, 9/11 couldn't have happened like ZOG said it did, and US Dollar is about to implode, ZOG murdering white Christians in Ukraine w. cluster-bombs, etc.--it's all just been TOO MUCH, don't u get it?--and it's come to a head, now.

What clicked for me was when Obongo went and blew his kiss to fellow fag-buddy, Jay Carney--remember that?--see  It was mere CONFIRMATION as to what Obongo really was and is--a pansy flunky who merely plays a role scripted by handlers who tell him what to do, he doing it cheerfully.  And he genuinely felt for his little buddy, Carney, who was required to playing another role, though within the same farce.

So now what do the good people of Jew S A have to do now?--first thing is to NULLIFY ZOG, this by means of states-rights and sovereignty--the South was right, after all, and it must rise again.  Real Christians must stand-up for the real thing, Christianity, which is naturally and necessarily anti-semitic.

Israel will have to be neutralized and removed, along w. Judaism and Jews--BUT FIRST, Christians must take proper care of those scummy, traitorous, heretics, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo) who falsely say Christ was Jew, etc.

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