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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alex Jones: stupid, Jewwy scum, pretending so desperately--and effectively for the Jews he works for--to "good-evil"....

Below-copied first submitted (but often taken-down by the little shit there) for publishing at comments,

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Alex Jones: Dedicated To Stupidity, Ignorance--But Willful Treason?--Knowing Jews Are Necessarily Anti-Christs?--No
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 14)

Well, Alex Jones works for Jews; he loves Jews; he's married to a Jew.  Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew--Alex LOVES them, no doubt.  So demonstrating this part isn't ur problem, Tim.

But here's ur problem: does Alex think the Jews are bad?--no, Alex is rather typical for those who, we see, are constantly making excuses for Jews--as we know and see fm practically all establishment Christians nowadays, and esp. the dyed-in-wool "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo).  Alex think Jews are WONDERFUL--after all, they've made him rich, haven't they?  Ho ho ho

It's like the Church teaches about mortal sin: (a) it's got to be a mortal sin, (b) u gotta know it's mortal sin, (c) then u go ahead and commit the sin, knowing what u're doing, knowing it's a sin that u're committing.

Alex doesn't agree that Jews are bad or that consorting and co-operating w. Jews is bad; thus he can't see that accepting their money, etc., is corrupting him, slowly but surely.

Alex insists there's some "good" Jews--that not all Jews are bad--and this is his weakness, mistake, and excuse--like a lot of people in our culture, I must say and pt. out.  So I'd say ur problem is demonstrating Alex KNOWS Jews are what they are--anti-Christs, monsters, and Satanists--he won't and can't--for he AGREES w. Jews (or what they preach, anyway) about fallacious "good-evil," which doesn't exist.  Alex DESPERATELY wants to pretend he's "good."

Alex is a Pelagian, a heretic who believes in "good-evil" ("good works"); thus he's subject to Jew influence.  Alex is VICTIM of Jews, heresy, stupidity, and ignorance, but is he willing, knowing tool of Jew perfidy?--no, there's no evidence for this.

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