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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The irony of Jew logic, used by Jews and cohorts....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR Only Demonstrates His Own Perfect Programming In Defending Jews
(Apollonian, 25 Jun 14)

Well JR, to go by the inductive evidence, u could very well be a Jew, eh?--consider the items we have to go on [see link, above].

(a) U lie, saying I try to make "Christians seem bad."  But I actually, simply show why Christianity is "good," so to speak, giving citations, etc.

(b) U say, above, I use Jew logic, which is another lie.  My logic is perfect and straight-forward.

(c) U imply I try to make Christians look "bad" by (ur supposed) slandering of Jews, evidently--but I don't at all slander Jews, carefully giving all my ref.s and premises for conclusions.

In conclusion, u continue to demonstrate my thesis given in ur latest blog's comments section (at about the "teevee" mental programming as it is reflected in ur obsessive insistence upon defending Jews--u're actually best proof for the mind-programming that u ostensibly condemn, aren't u?

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