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Saturday, June 21, 2014

MLK (Martin Lucifer Coon--excuse me, I mean Luther King) was any essentially diff. fm Obongo?--ho ho ho--Obongo is just modern day MLK, that's all....

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MLK: Nothing But Media Monkey, No Diff. FM Obongo
(Apollonian, 21 Jun 14)

Tiger: MLK was pure media product, no less than Obongo--Obongo has gone sour, whereas MLK didn't have the chance, he being liquidated when his masters decided he'd out-lived his particular usefulness.

Blacks are a foreign, alien race; they NEVER fit in w. white society, which whites BUILT USA, in case u didn't ever learn about in history books.

MLK was mere product of his time, taking advantage of the false conflict, founded in Pharisaism-moralism, btwn, generally, the Northern white people, intimidated by kikes (as still obtains to this day), and descendents of heroic southern folk who had been mass-murdered and incorporated into the USA empire which ensued after mis-named "Civil War."  (Note "civil" war, by definition, entails battle for control of given society/nation--Southerners didn't want to rule North, merely wanted independence.)

After 1865, Union generals, Sherman and Sheridan, commenced upon extermination of Plains Indians of USA--why wouldn't they after mass-murdering their own white folk of the South?--and then, in 1898 embarked definitively upon serious imperialism in war against Spain, world empire much consummated in WWII, but still being consolidated to this day.

Where were the blacks supposed to go after "Civil War"?--to compete w. the white working class of the north, who obviously didn't want them?--to compete w. the now (1865) horrifically impoverished whites of the devastated south?

Blacks SHOULD have been re-settled somewhere, but NOT in white-folks' land.  But vindictive Northerners decided to inflict blacks upon subjugated whites of south, the whites deprived of office and the vote, blacks (briefly) dominating the gov. of newly conquered southern states.

Naturally then, as southern whites gradually regained control of their land, the blacks were seen as enemies and agents of the hostile imperialists of the North, financed by Jews, of course, Jews ALWAYS working to keeping the goyim fighting one another.

But even so, regardless of everything, BLACKS HAD IT EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, economically, everything considered, for their situation in USA during post-WWII period--and this is what makes ur blog here soooooooooo RIDICULOUS, u obviously, falling for idiotic propaganda about MLK, nothing but a prancing, dancing, babbling baboon, spouting stupidity, no less than Obongo.

Why do u forget Jews' usual, typical, thematic purpose for keeping goyim fighting one-another, so that Jews and imperialist enforcers and cadre continue to ruling fm the top?  This blog about MLK is purest balderdash; u should be ashamed for this tripe u've posted.  This blog of urs was BIG LOSER, tiger.

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