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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Understanding of "conspiracy" REQUIRES understanding of money/banking....

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Crux Of Conspiracy Is Monetary/Banking--Necessarily--Matter Then Of CYCLIC Cultural "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 14)

This is interesting posting, but it seems to having to do PRIMARILY w. ASSASSINATION-type conspiracies--NOT necessarily conspiracy itself.  For naturally, killing prominent people--like the very Prez of USA, like JFK--requires tremendous complexity for control of the culture--esp. in way of controlling the Jews-media, Jews controlling the mass-corp. media.

But what's MISSING, tiger, is that absolutely essential, vital, necessary CONTROL OF THE MONEY SUPPLY--like control of present US Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed").  For this legalized COUNTERFEITING is the CRUX of all power in the culture/society/civilization.

For observe, for example, control of the money-supply allows CONTROL OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE, practically without exception--for even men of integrity, like Ron Paul, can be controlled by means of threat of assassination, which Paul understands perfectly well.

For obviously, control of money-supply allows specifically for control of the mass-corp. Jews-media which is one essential necessity for control of society and people's info--necessary predicate for successful assassination of even MOST prominent figures/characters--like JFK.

Hence then folks must learn to understand what MONEY is and must be--it must be COMMODITY, the best being gold/silver, NOTHING else (meaning it must be commodity-based--doesn't have to be gold/silver, though gold/silver is best).

And this CONFUSION over proper money base is what allows foremost criminals--JEWS--to eventually, inexorably taking-over any culture/civilization--as when the culture becomes "successful" it breeds-up too many morons and inferiors who inevitably succumb to funny-money ("fiat"-money).

For "fiat"-money inevitably arises as the culture gets involved in imperialist wars in the CYCLIC progress of cultural rise and thus obligatory "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, "fiat-money" being a means of financing things in lieu of outright taxation which the people would otherwise reject.

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