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Monday, June 23, 2014

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the IRONY--as one watches this poor sucker gloating he's successful in countering and resisting the Jews-media lies....

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Jack Is Sooooooooooo Perfectly Programmed, He Doesn't Realize It--Even As He Gloats He's Successful At Resisting
(Apollonian, 23 Jun 14)

Jack: what u don't consider is how well and PERFECTLY the Jews-media succeeded for its thought-control upon u:

(a) Observe how u've been so brilliantly prejudiced against anti-Semitic Christianity--our dear Christianity which was designed to protect us and our society against these satanic monsters called Jews.

(b) U imagine thus that Christianity is against reason, Jews laughing up their sleeves as u complain and babble about dear Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against lies, Jews being foremost leaders for this worship of lies and lying.

But for Christianity, properly understood, reason is perfect part of Holy Spirit for apprehension of TRUTH (Christ), the only way to Godly happiness, Holy Spirit then (1) reason, (2) honesty, and (3) the integrity of this rationality and honesty throughout the spirit, conscious and sub-conscious (sentiment & emotion).

(c) ON THE OTHER HAND, observe how u pretend Jew monsters are okay, no essentially diff. fm anyone else, that they're "persecuted" as they steadily exterminate all humanity, as they did when they directly controlled old USSR, Jews now occupying outrightly 3 places on the 9 member US Sup. ct., w. probably a 4th in way of crypto, Soto-Mayor; Israel getting all the NSA info, unfiltered by USA; Jews occupying 7 of 11 places of Nat. Security Council, etc.--yet fools and suckers like u CONTINUE to defend these monsters.

So u see Jack, how u've been SO PERFECTLY programmed, trained, and indoctrinated?--even, ironically, as u imagine u've done such "good" job (ho ho ho ho ho) resisting the "pop culture," as u pretend?

Do u begin to grasp the pathetic IRONY?

There's NO ONE more perfectly programmed than u, Jack, defending as u do ur own murderers (esp. the master-minds), the Jews

Remember how it was so falsely and idiotically said Jews so merrily paraded into the concentration camps and gas-chambers?--the actual fact is that this is precisely true about such zombies like u, Jack, who defend psychopathic monsters, called Jews, as u do, so loyally.  There's NO ONE more perfectly programmed than u, as I note once again.  It would be laughable if it weren't sooooo miserably sad and frustrating for Christian soldier like myself.

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