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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ho ho ho--ZOG plants ANOTHER who's-kidding-who, wishful-thinking article about "consp. theory" actually helping ZOG cover-up their conspiracies, ho ho ho ho ho--I don't think so....

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More Conspiracy Theorizing Actually Helps Expose ZOG Evermore--This Article Is Dis-Info
(Apollonian, 11 Jun 14)

This article is dis-info.  ZOG is terrified of all the outstanding consp. theorizing--that's why they planted ur story, ho ho ho.

For gov.s are notorious enclaves of criminals in the first place, esp. gov.s and regimes that are long-standing--just like that of present USA.  And observe conspiracies positively ABOUND.  JFK, for example, was killed by consp., and 90% or so of people KNOW it--the Warren Report was gross cover-up.  It's fact, well-known, that Clay Shaw worked for CIA--which the Jews-media covered-up at the time--and there's much, much more about the JFK consp. now known but then hidden.

Christian New Test. is about consp. by Jews to murder Truth and Christ.

Declaration of Independence is nothing but consp. theory, exposed by Tom Jefferson.

US Federal Reserve Bank is gross COUNTERFEIT scam by which Jews now own & control the world which they continue to consolidate by the mass-murders and poison gas attacks they perpetrated in Syria, Libya, and now in Ukraine.

Gulf of Tonkin "incident" was lie, pushed by Jews-media to bog-down USA while Russia steadily armed w. nuclear missiles--which then caused USA to ally w. China which now owns USA debt.

And Israel mass-murdered Arabs and US seamen of USS Liberty in 1967 which was covered-up by their co-racialists of Jews-media, Jews conspiring to steal US nuclear materials, secrets, etc.

So ur article is not only dis-info, it's actually just more lying for ZOG, isn't it?

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