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Monday, June 30, 2014

gun-control is simply TREASON, attempted over-throw of Constitution and 2nd amendment--stupid scum better get wise....

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Traitors Need To Face-Up To Reality: Treason Never Prospers
(Apollonian, 30 Jun 14)

Comrades: u need to face-up to fact that ONLY the people have rights, right to self-defense, hence right to own and possess fire-arms, and the purpose/reasoning for this is not to defend against random crime or duck-hunting--IT'S TO OVER-THROW A TYRANNIC GOV.--get it?

We the people are BOSS, suckas--and we have all the rights, including being armed and defending--it's a natural right, following in reason, and it includes anyone/everyone, including felons and some otherwise, partial nut-cases too, PERIOD.  For practical purposes though, people don't complain when Constitution is violated in case of felons and nutters, as nutters rather strain reason, as we note.

For observe: how in reason can any part of people be dis-armed by any other part?--impossible, inconceivable--it's then simply war conducted by some against others, and the law and commonwealth are destroyed thereby.

And observe for all of u who want to dis-arm the people and overthrow US Constitution and 2nd amendment--U'RE TRAITORS, and penalty for treason is grim stuff--take care for what u imagine u want to doing.

And if u merely do a little ck-ing, u find 9/11 was inside job, much by MOSSAD and Israelis, along w. neo-cons and suck-alongs here in US, including CIA and FBI and others.  Newtown (Sandy Hook) was total farce, no one killed, same w. so-called Bost. Marathon "bombing" of little over yr ago--and there've been numerous other farces since then, Elliot Rodger being one of the latest and most comical.  We're up against conspirators, these being in favor of world gov. and agenda-21 genocide, etc.

Fact is gun-control encourages and increases crime; gun-ownership and being armed lessens and decreases crime, as the facts show quite plainly.

But in conclusion, I merely refer back to the Constitution which some of u are trying to overthrow (for ur gun-control delusions)--don't forget: pay-backs is son-of-a-gun, suckas--u've been warned.  Don't be surprised when hammer drops.

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