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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fitzpatrick's "theorizing" just too absurdly complex for the actual reality which is quite a bit simpler....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Fitzpatrick Too Complex, Actual Truth Being Much Simpler
(Apollonian, 1 Jun 14)

Here's ur problem Timmy: (a) We all know, many if not most of us, that Alex Jones is a gross, willing dupe of the Jews--yes, I know, u say he's more than a dupe.

(b) And here again, u reference Mike A. Hoffman II, who spins rather a complex yarn, or "theory," or whatever, about satanism, mind-control, fore-warning, consent of the victims, etc.

(c) But u overlook the actual simplicity of things which over-shadows ur complexity and theorizing: JEWS RULE--and people have KNOWN this, or at least accepted this for many years now--Jones is just one of them.  After all, Israel attacked USS Liberty in 1967 and murdered 34 seamen, and the Jews-media effectively kept lid on, even to this very day.

(d) Another thing, less well-known, perhaps, but known nonetheless by quite a few, is the US Federal Reserve Bank (the "Fed") COUNTERFEITING scam, powers behind which literally own nearly everything and everyone, including practically all the politicians and judges, w. only very few exceptions.

(e) And finally, esp. given what we already know, as above, the stupid people in the West who've now enjoyed "prosperity" for so long and so many yrs, this associated w. those dear Jews and the Fed instrument they control, who are now quite over-populated, are easily dealt-with by time-honored means of "bread & circuses," well-known since days of the Romans.

(f) And all this Jew-control of imperial goy society will continue long as the Fed continues to issue "money" still accepted for goods and svcs--only currency-collapse will change things in significant way--which collapse is actually happening, prices continuing to go-up in imminent hyper-inflation.

(g) Hence ur arguments fail due to (1) irrelevance, and (2) excessive and needless complexity in face of more easily understood and verified simplicity, according to rule of "Ockham's razor."

(h) In addition, though this is just a side-note to above, Hoffman is quite WEAK as reference to be used, esp. given his absurd latest product, "Usury in Christendom," which FALSELY insists that "usury" is simply the charging of interest, "usury" referred to in Bible, for example, which Hoffman doesn't and can't prove.

CONCLUSION: So, though Jones is surely execrable as sympathizer and willing dupe of Jews, U FAIL to prove he's deliberate traitor, deliberately conspiring w. Jews or masons, or co-intelpro agent, or whatever.  And all ur complexity and theorizing is just not applicable or verifiable when u get down to details.  Sorry to bust ur little bubble, Timmy.

Fact is Jones does represent significant in-fighting among the ruling Jew-dominated master-minds at the top levels, Jones invoking libertarianism, as of Ron Paul, against the outright socialists and statists pushing AGENDA-21, etc.  Thus it's useful to encourage Jones to continue his significant and substantial criticisms as he and Ron Paul do indubitably express.  Jews in general will only fall in substantial manner as currency collapses.

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