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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ZOG is absolutely INSANE--openly fostering blatant invasion of the country--but don't lose heart....

How u KNOW horror and catastrophe are absolutely guaranteed
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 14)

Ck  What's going on?--simple: the traitors in charge, behind Obongo are fostering the literal invasion of Jew S A--they know they're traitors, but they don't care--WHY DON'T THEY CARE?

For aren't the traitors worried about retribution?--NO NO NO NO NO NO--and this is what we gotta worry about, right?

Additionally, note Congress doesn't worry, either--they're all paid off, right?--obviously.

So the puke don't care about anything long as they have their magic money-making/issuing machine, the US Federal Reserve Bank churning out that cash on demand.

But WE KNOW the money-system will and must collapse in hyper-inflation, then the proverbial excrement will hit the fan.

So continue to getting the info out to people, and remember there is hope, for (1) when the currency collapses, ZOG won't be able to adequately pay the enforcers--as is, unfortunately, now the case, cops going about killing folks, the judges backing it all up.

(2) We have excellent tradition in law and political culture for natural rights and nullification of irrational laws coming down fm ZOG--and this nullification and primacy of local gov. cannot too much be emphasized.

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