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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grasp of money is necessary to understand the otherwise mysterious "usury" issue--money MUST be commodity....

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Proper Grasp Of Money Issue Is Absolutely Necessary
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 14)

Hello: I just hrd ur recent show w. John Friend at his site.  I do commend u for all ur efforts and generally good work.  I'm also a qualified fan of Alex Jones, and I much agree w. ur analysis and lament Jones is so much the Jews' man, doing limited-hangout for them, Jones' sponsors pretending they're "good" Jews, ho ho ho

But I thought I'd bring-up a serious problem, which u seem to SHARE w. Jones, this regarding the necessary monetary system, Jones, who used to sell Bill Still's work, "Secret of Oz," Still agreeing w. Ellen Brown, generally, upon the money issue, pretending it's okay to (legally) COUNTERFEIT (fiat) money, the only objection of Still and Brown being this fiat money must not have interest charged.

For note money MUST be commodity, limited and finite for quantity--otherwise the obvious problem will be "inflation," the un-limited replication of the money-units.

Note also the ORIGINAL monetary units had to have been simply a convenient commodity chosen for its utility as medium-of-exchange, etc.  Thus if quantity of money supply in circulation is lowered, its buying-power NECESSARILY goes up--there's no problem for quantity--which people like Brown and Still falsely allege--which u don't seem to be grasping.

"Usury" DOES NOT and could not refer merely to charging-of-interest, as the problem of "usury" has to do w. the necessary eventual deflation then causing the collapse of loans into bankruptcy and "banks" (really criminals) taking the collateral and real assets of the victims.

For as u increase the money supply, banks then allowed to increasing loans, the increasing money supply (a) CAUSES (price) INFLATION, necessarily.  (b) When then the increasing money-supply is curtailed to halt the inflation of prices, the resulting deflation causes the loans to be defaulted as there's less money available to enable the loan payments.  And this general bankruptcy would ensue REGARDLESS OF ANY CHARGING OF "INTEREST."  U must start to getting a clue about this "usury" issue.

Additionally, it should be obvious that charging of interest is mere right of freedom of contract btwn parties.  Charging of interest would be no problem in proper commodity money system.

Thus u're falling for a gross fallacy and fraud regarding "usury" issue, allowing urself to be DISTRACTED/diverted by the charging-of-interest which is mere side-issue at best.  The problem is the artificial increase of the money-supply, COUNTERFEITING, only "legalized"--(1) which causes price "inflation," (2) but also causing increased loans, (3) and when money injections into economy is necessarily curtailed, the loans then collapsing due to lack of funds for making payments on the increased loans.

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