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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Queers are inferiors/weaklings, natural victims/suckers of Jews--anti-rationalist, gross addicts for sense-gratification, queers nowadays dominating establishment "left"....

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Jews Control Anti-Rationalists Within The Population
(Apollonian, 12 Jun 14)

This is excellent posting, tiger (ck link, above).  Of course, when u have satanic psychopaths in control of ur culture/civilization u're gonna have ANTI-REASON.  So the queers are actually, FIRST OF ALL, anti-rational--also anti-Christian.

And that's what u get fm queers MOST of all--anti-Christ.  And then naturally, as queers are anti-Christ, u'll have the Jews enthusiastically behind the queers.  And the facts given in ur post then simply back-up the anti-rationalist thesis.

Specifically, what is it that makes the queers so anti-rational?--it's their ABSOLUTE obsession/fixation w. sense-gratification ABOVE anything else--they're sensualists most of all, hence then sex-addicts.

Queers thus have contempt for intellect excepting only as it can be used to justify and rationalize their psychotic behavior--this is slightly diff. fm Jews who will often praise the intellect, though as means of same contempt for strict reason--as in way of insistence upon perfectly "free" will against determinism, which anti-determinism is a little too complex for queers.

Finally, at same time, queers want to pretend they're "advanced" and "progressive," even w. all their contempt for intellect and reason.

In the end, queers are simply INFERIORS and weaklings who actually go for this sense-gratification, -addiction, and palpable, nearly explicit anti-intellectualism above all else.  Along w. Jews, queers may have about 10% of the population significantly sympathizing w. them--making up the "left" sympathizers of Jews, this then complementing the 12% of Judeo-Christian segment of the population who sympathize w. Jews on the "right"--the "neo-cons."

So it's interesting how Jews control the population, queers prominently among them, as they do, even when the parts ("left" vs. "right") conflict w. one-another in so many significant ways.  The common premise for all these Jewwy sympathizers is ANTI-REASON.

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