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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

USA now under Jews-media hype attack, featuring Obongo, co-ordinated w. ZOG staging all these "shootings," pretext for gun-grabbing--ck it out....

Folks: ck out Obongo giving another well-rehearsed recitation on gun-violence,  It's totally phony and scripted, but the trendies and "progressives" will love it, no doubt.

And now observe the circumstances and exactly WHY Obongo gives his recitation:

U see?--it's simply a massive, IN-UR-FACE psy-ops.  And the second reference, given just above, fm, explains the psy-ops is explicitly sanctioned by law--it's okay for ZOG to conduct these frauds and hoaxes--they think.

But it doesn't change the fact it's TREASON, and the penalty for such treason is pretty grim, don't forget.

And u see now how Obongo is actually just a lead-actor -type whom ZOG uses as a kind of prop for their lies and propaganda--he's given lines to memorize and then deliver.  And thus ZOG doesn't want someone as Prez who's his own man--they want a trained, obedient monkey who does what he's told--ck my earlier blogs for 5 Jun ("Crisis-actor") and 3 Jun (kiss-blowing to his buddy, J. Carney).

This guy, here, (1,300 + views), sees some of it all for the disgusting absurdity, but he's not analyzing it all the way out, like I do, above, for the WHY, the purpose of it all--ZOG wants a total, obedient puppet.

I guess it HAD to come to this, in continuing "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.  But note the un-expected good news--which does sometimes happen, u know--ck

And don't forget: ultimate solution is in the Constitution--NULLIFICATION--all we have to do is continue our own excellent patriot progress, continuing to apply ourselves.

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