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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Most excellent sociologic metaphor applied now to the PROCESS, CYCLIC, as described by Oswald Spengler in "Decline of the West"....

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Smallstorm's Excellent Metaphors Projected In CYCLIC Process
(Apollonian, 26 Jun 14)

Smallstorm makes excellent sociologic metaphor, but don't forget the larger, general historical, CYCLIC process so well described in Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Thus the society begins most generally w. self-sufficient and HONEST farmers--say like the Romans (Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY). But as the society is successful and grows more prosperous and victorious the seeds of ultimate destruction are steadily sown.

Thus "success" of a society leads ineluctably to generations (like the recent in USA) who wouldn't have otherwise survived on their own merits but for their forbears achievements, talent, and fortitude providing for them, allowing the increase of population.

Thus as things sociologic and economic continue to "prosper," the inheritors suffer increasing HUBRIS, esp. of moralism-Pharisaism, pretending they are "good" and can substantially change reality by means of a substantially "free" human will (Platonist SUBJECTIVISM)--and they begin to "tolerating" criminals and liars who are expert in plying the corrupt generation w. false compliments, encouraging the HUBRIS, esp. in way of afore-mentioned moralism-Pharisaism and tolerance of these criminals, pretending, for example they can now begin to issuing fiat-money and in this way preserving and enhancing "prosperity" by artificial means/methods.

So the "eagles," "owls," and even "sparrows" have their natures and status COUNTERFEITED--no less than the money supply--and the sheep and lambs are beguiled and mis-led--what has happened?

Observe then the sheep and lambs are now OVER-POPULATED--due to the success of their forbears for "prosperity." And as human life is inexorably TRAGIC, these sheep and lambs must eventually be de-populated by means of the snakes and jackals and others, no doubt, perhaps like those who were formerly of "eagle" or "owl" spirit, but now corrupted, who become like ravenous tigers and wolves.

Thus we see the historical process is truly CYCLIC, and sociologic effects necessarily reflect this CYCLIC hist. process, the tragedy of things always leading to rises and then declines of population of sheep and lambs. For only as the sheep and lamb population declines do the snakes and jackals and wolves and tigers begin to fight one another, reducing their own numbers, allowing then the sheep and lambs to rise, once again for their numbers. Such then is the inexorable, deterministic, CYCLIC process, so ably described by Oswald Spengler, demonstrated and verified in history, psychology, and sociology.

Presently, it seems to me there's still far, far too many sheep, lambs, and mice, and plenty of snakes and jackals, and esp. fearsome, ravenous wolves and tigers--too few eagles, owls, and sparrows.

What must now happen is sheep and lambs will be reduced, thus reducing the food-supply of wolves, tigers, snakes, and jackals who will begin to fighting one-another--only then, when wolves, tigers, snakes, and jackals' number is reduced, can the sheep and lambs begin to thrive and increase for their numbers.

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Smallstorm says:
June 26, 2014 at 1:12 pm

“Truth is whatever they announce has occurred.” This could not happen without the participation of the people. And it takes all kinds. Here is an analogy I created some years ago; I call it “Animal Farm.”

People who are wide awake and are putting out messages to the public about these compounding events in very visible ways (e.g., websites, books, interviews, talks) are Eagles. Eagles are powerful and fly high and are brave. Beneath them are Owls: those who are awake and wise and see deeply into what’s going on, but who do not have or want as wide a reach as the Eagle… Owls spread the word in their own resourceful way. Below the Owls are the Sparrows – “truthers” at large who are out there hopping around and scattering crumbs of knowledge in the effort to alert people to wake up.

Then we have the masses who are asleep, who don’t suspect much (if anything): they are the Lambs. Scattered here and there among the Lambs are people who have been told about a few things, but for whom the prospect of reality being upside down is frightening and they would rather not know more … these are the Sheep.

Then there are the people on the payroll of the perps, who are richly rewarded for operating and executing the various nasty scenarios and plans: these are the Snakes. And then there are those who have been shown ample proof of the upsidedown-ness of things (by various Sparrows or Owls) but who insistently deny that the world is awry or that anything sinister is going on – vehemently rebutting, arguing, denying, dismissing, over and over – these are the Jackals.

Eagles, Owls, Sparrows, Lambs, Sheep, Snakes, Jackals. That’s my list so far. The worst are the Jackals, it seems, because for no reward at all they are willing to ignore the danger and therefore do their part in transporting humanity and nature into oblivion. The Snakes have got the Jackals on their side, and the masses of Lambs and Sheep are their fodder. A few Eagles and some handfuls of Owls supported by a scattering of Sparrows are trying to rescue the sleeping Lambs from Jackals backed by Snakes who are endlessly shouting them down. The Sheep are simply blinking in the sunlight. What animal are you?

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