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Monday, June 9, 2014

Platonist (Mystic) "professor" analyzes and describes himself best of all, hoh o ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Prof. Mike Un-Wittingly Most Describes Himself For Self-Identity And Noble Lies, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 14)

Mike: u're the best example of the delusional person u describe at the end of ur essay, regarding "self-concept" preventing rational thought, u pretending to "ethics as end in itself" and the idea of "good."

Thus u begin w. ur inferiority complex, obviously, and then insist upon ur fixation for "good."

And u're not a philosopher, Mike; rather, u're an anti-philosopher, a mystic, who doesn't really understand logic, fixated upon "good" as ur end-all and be-all, then everything else tacked-up around it, including name-dropping and ur philosophic-styled catch-phrases.

And u work for ZOG, telling and pushing their lies, including esp. "climate-change" and now, we see, ur balderdash about vaccination.

Thus u lie, saying evidence for "climate-change" is "over-whelming"--funny thing is u're not capable of simply stating what that "evidence" is--ho ho ho hoho.  The most I've seen u do is to use arg.-fm-authority fallacy, citing some study, always by liars who are paid by gov. and interests behind "climate-change" fraud.

Regarding vaccination, the problem is the so-called "science" behind it is over-stated and over-blown for the "success" u allege.  There may actually be some scientific merit behind vaccination, but the actual problem at present is vaccines pushed by the big corp.s are toxic, poisonous, infected, and tainted w. known contaminants.

Further, it's KNOWN these corp.s pushing the toxic vaccines--which have killed and infected thousands and thousands--are criminal conspirators in the AGENDA-21 movement to "reduce" population, this agenda being behind the deliberate toxicity of the vaccines and their contaminated ingredients.

So I think u succeed brilliantly, actually, for the thesis and logic of ur essay; it's just u overlook the greatest victim and example--YOURSELF--spouting what u genuinely consider "noble" lies in ur Platonist style.  Ho ho ho ho ho ho

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