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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jew liars always lying--lately trying to dis-credit Wolf Halbig for asking for info on Sandy Hook hoax....

Below-copied first published at comments,

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Jew Pozner Is Obvious Diversion
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 14)

Tiger: note (a) Pozner is a JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW–this by itself should raise red flags for any rational human. Pozner’s Jew wife is prominent gun-grabber and notoriously posed w. Anderson Cooper who was not physically present, but rather appeared on green-screen–does Pozner dis-avow the actions and statements of his satanic wife? These Pozners are PUREST, SCUMMY PUKE, obviously, Jews notorious liars, frauds, and satanists.

(b) Note also the articles Pozner features, the death cert. and report card ARE EASILY FORGED.

(c) Further, observe simplest information demanded by truthers is being ILLEGALLY covered-up and suppressed by criminal gov. officials who are flagrantly violating the law for public information. Halbig asks simple questions–who was the contractor who installed the video-security for the school in question?–what’s reason for suppressing this info?–there could be no reason but for obvious fact criminals MUST necessarily cover-up evidence for their criminal conspiracy aimed at dis-arming the people of USA and overthrowing US Constitution.

(d) Who is Keith Johnson?–note he works for American Free Press which is owned by Jew, Mark Lane, as I understand.

(e) Why is Pozner OBVIOUSLY working for mere publicity stunt regarding irrelevant details (death cert. and report card) in desperate effort to dis-credit Wolfgang?–why doesn’t Pozner, the kike, simply answer pertinent questions by means of e-mail, or on his idiot’s blog?

(f) The raising of money is justified for the payment of legal fees for obtaining the information–OBVIOUSLY–as has been made public by Wolfgang and others.

(g) And once again, don't forget THERE'S NO EVIDENCE, never has been, regarding the "massacre" of the school-kids, no vid, no photos or bodies, etc.--this now aside fm the cover-up and refusal to obey law for info.

So much for Jews, liars, and scum like Pozner, et al.

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