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Friday, April 10, 2015

Holy Spirit?--consists of REASON, COURAGE, HONESTY--must have all of these, honesty most important, but courage also necessary, and reason is necessary to grasp truth/reality....

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How has it all come to this? . . .
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Necessary, Sufficient Understanding Requires Reason, Courage, Honesty--Holy Spirit
(Apollonian, 10 Apr 15)

My friend, u gotta remember, HUMANS ARE SINNERS, who INEVITABLY suffer the sin of HUBRIS, imagining they're God-like, having perfectly "free" will, w. power to be "good" (Pelagian heresy--look it up), to change (and/or to "create") reality, thus they become subject to lies of Jews, foremost henchmen of satan, father of lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus ultimate lie/fraud of practical/existential nature then is present legalized COUNTERFEITING, as of US Federal Reserve Bank system--see and for fullest expo on Fed fraud. And even though gentiles are involved, ultimately, this legalized COUNTERFEITING scam becomes basically exclusive play-thing of Jews who then use it to the utmost, the society never recovering--NEVER. For the gentiles suffer TERMINAL hubris by means of this legalized COUNTERFEITING.

And the ONLY possible "solution" is involving reversion to original states-rights of USA--this however, only possible after great travail and horror. And remember what the NECESSARY consequence to this states-rights revolution is--the extermination of obvious traitors in style of original French Revolution, never doubt--which ZOG PERFECTLY understands and is determined to avoid--as by means of starting wars, as in Syria and Ukraine, etc.

Thus our only hope is the top oligarchs falling-out w. one another--featuring one faction of Jews ("leftists") in-fighting w. another (the "rightist" "neo-cons"--and/or the lower level "libertarian" Jews who back Ron Paul and Alex Jones (

"How has it come to this"?--u gotta grasp reality and history, and think things through thoroughly. We're fighting NOTHING less than full-fledged Satanism which is built upon subjectivism and hubristic, PHARISAIST, perfectly "free will," which intimidates children, often for entire lives, by means of "good-evil."

At this pt., it's very LATE in the proverbial "game," and lots of poor, stupid people are going to die--UN-FORTUNATELY. The necessary courage, at this pt., requires a strong stomach, willing to seeing things through even though many, many are so sadly doomed, who can't and won't think. People imagine Christianity is like rocket-science so difficult to grasp--IT ISN'T--it's just basically HONESTY, willing to face and grasp TRUTH (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

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