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Friday, April 24, 2015

What's purpose of art?--to clarify, so that others can see, grasp, then phrase thought for themselves....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments, https://flyingtigercomics.wordpress....haos/#comments

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An Artist Must THINK About Things--Like About Words, Hence Thoughts He Uses--Right?--Else WHY/How Would His "Art" Be Worth Anything?
(Apollonian, 24 Apr 15)

What?--this is just babbling gibberish u're spouting here (see below-copied), tiger, filled w. buzz-words and phrases, eh? And who is Philip K. Dick?--just another babbler?--ah well.... Sorry, but I'm not at all impressed w. Mr. Dick.

Forgive me, but I always thought art simplified and clarified things--whereas here (and again) all u do is shovel-up dandy, trendy phrases and propaganda, eh? For art properly takes what's conceptual and otherwise complex and makes it sensible, thus graspable by means of vision, form, and color, etc., thus apprehensible for greater number of people, allowing them to re-phrase it all for words and thought within their own minds. But if I'm wrong, by all means correct me.

Luciferianism vs. satanism?--WTF?--isn't this mere distinction without real difference? U're another puzzle rolled in a riddle wrapped within enigma--like sooooooo many poor souls mystified and fascinated w. complexity for complexity's sake. What would u really prefer?--real freedom or "struggling to be free"?--seems like u're caught-up in the "struggling," eh?--u must enjoy such struggling, even more than actual freedom itself, it would seem.

U sure struggle w. words; no wonder u like to draw and color stuff, eh?--but does it (ur drawing and coloring) do any actual good?--does it accomplish anything?--give any clarity?--do u think u'll ever make any money at it?--is there even the slightest chance?--not that money is the end-all and be-all, but there's serious question of PURPOSE, isn't there? Are u an artist or just a doodler?

U say, "The clash between truth and narrative explains the hollowness at the heart of consumerism, and consumerism has cancerously overtaken every aspect of society." Wow, that's a mouthful: how does "clash btwn truth and narrative 'explain' hollowness..."?--what is "consumerism"? Ur "explanation" seems to need an explanation, eh?

"[D]rowning molasses of media fugue states"--now that's a phrase and a half, I'd say, ho o ho ho ho--good one, ho ho ho ho. Maybe u should have been a writer/scribbler.

I'm disappointed, as usual, in ur last, above posting--it's just phrases and buzz-words thrown together, meaning nothing of substance, giving so-called "explanations" which themselves needs explanation, defining words (or phases) by means of further words or phrases which need definition, imagining u've accomplished anything. U stop half-way towards the necessary goal/destination--get it?

U're not really much of an artist, tiger, just a mere doodler, I'm afraid--fascinated w. ur own doodling, imagining it's "art," hoh o hoho. U're entertaining for ur wiggling and squirming (in ur "writing"), but what's it really worth?--doesn't it get old, fairly quick?

If u can't think or speak or write meaningfully, what's the use pretending to art by means of drawing and coloring?--no wonder u're such great friends w. the geek of geekritique, ho ho ho ho ho

----------------above by ap in response to below-copied by tiger-------------------

flyingtigercomics says:
April 24, 2015 at 2:55 am

I prefer luciferianism to satanism as a term because satan means accuser – he is the celestial DA prosecuting cases for God, whereas Lucifer is the ape of god, the imitative demiurge making kingship over the damaged Creation.

For me, I incline to a Philip K. Dick attitude – God’s miraculous power is to transmute evil into good, and to somehow, due to omnipotence, put every ball in every pocket with no failure, whereas lucifer is the god of flaws, deviation, destruction and evil.

Pop Will Eat Itself lived up to their name, and a lot of their songs are extremely well thought out, not least Lived In Splendour. It’s a screed against the “E” tab culture and the damage it causes – “sugar and strichnine”.

I agree with Philip K. Dick – “the empire never fell”. I also agree with him that in some way the imminent eschaton – “the end of the world” overlays both the original generation of christians from the first and early second century and “our own time”. In some way, our perception of time is an illusion, and as Dick said in 1974 we are inside a computer program which is malfunctioning and allowing glimpses of “reality” underlying what we normally consider to be real but which is in fact a luciferian construct.

Simplistically, it is very much like the people whose minds are captive of the lapdog media, instinctively believing the contradictory nonsense of the media narrative rather than reaching for the truth. The clash between truth and narrative explains the hollowness at the heart of consumerism, and consumerism has cancerously overtaken every aspect of society.

The most disturbing thing of all is that too many people welcome the drowning molasses of media fugue states rather than struggling to be free.

-------------------above by "tiger" in response to below-copied by ap---------------------------

What’s Purpose, Meaning Of Art?
(Apollonian, 23 Apr 15)

Ok tiger, I did as u suggested, went to the site, read the lyrics–which seem pretty “nihilistic,” right?

These people/creatures/entities, whoever, pretend not to care about anything–though they sure seem obsessed/addicted to indulging their sense gratification, as they even admit or note in their lyrics. And this nihilist indulgence is all the rage, isn’t it?–heavily promoted, though they admit they don’t care WHY–rather reminds me of geek at geekritique, ho ho ho, so utterly empty-headed while thinking he’s sooooooo hip and “cool.”

So my pt. is it’s (the lyrics and web-site) just more of the same old narcissistic, nihilistic crap, right?–and isn’t this narcissism and nihilism just the stupid crap put-out by Jews, this to COVER their continuing take-over of the culture/society/economy, as they install the absolute police-state?–all the while systematically EXTERMINATING their enemies, including, as we’ve seen, the Palestinians, next the mooooooslims, and, as we see here in Jew S A, whites, Christians, veterans, conservatives, et al.?

Tiger: u seem to want to go so far–repeatedly, continuously pushing our faces into this “art,” such as it is, but NEVER seriously analyzing it for its real source and motivation–like Jews and their satanism–u don’t want to “go there,” eh?–is that real “artistic” competence or cowardice?–and it that really healthy way to be and to operate?–I’m just wondering what u really think.

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