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Monday, April 13, 2015

"Usury" is NOT NOT NOT same as charging-of-interest--Hoffman (the Pharisee) needs to get a basic, simple clue as to the actual defintion of the word, "usury"....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

Also, see my original review of Hoffman's work, this site (at, at  Pt. is that "usury" is NOT NOT NOT SAME as charging-of-interest, as I explain.

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Hoffman Only Achieves Empty "Victory"
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 15)

Hoffman: u can gloat like a Pharisee all u pls for ur "success," but the truth remains the truth (see Hoffman's screed at his blog, noted above).

For u FAIL for ur basic grasp and understanding of very definition of "usury," (a), and (b) what money is and how it works, including especially the effects of inflation (legalized COUNTERFEITING).

So go ahead and feel sooooo good, like a Pharisee, Hoffman--u've only fooled, mis-informed, and mis-led people who are ALREADY fooled and subject to being fooled, poor sheep, so it's no terrible great victory for satan u've achieved w. ur lies.

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  1. Of course, Hoffman didn't publish above comment of mine, soooo I left another (Apr 15), ho ho ho ho, below-copied:

    ""Hoffman lambasts usury"?--HOW is this possible if Hoffman can't even define the word, usury? Do u begin to see what a joke ur book is?"