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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is "love" somewhat over-rated?--ought it not be put into perspective?....

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Life Sucks, And It's Really Our Deaths That We Worry About, Isn't It?
(Apollonian, 30 Apr 15)

Thanks for ur comments.  Interesting thing about "love"--isn't it an emotion analogous to attraction?--antithesis of repulsion?--analogous to hatred?  So if u love, isn't it mere reciprocal emotion of hatred of the anti-thesis of whatever u're attracted to?  So, for example, if u're attracted to health, wouldn't u hate disease, in all logic?

For note lots and lots of folks take-up St. Paul's ideal of "love" distinct fm Gosp. JOHN equating Christ to TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all (14:6), ONLY way to Godly happiness.  On other hand, 1st Epistle of JOHN explicitly says God is love (1 JOHN 4:8).  So if one loves God, does that mean one loves love?--how does that work?

Shouldn't a good Christian HATE satan, satanism, and satanic lies and lying?

And aren't advocates of freedom necessarily advocates of REASON, integral part of Holy Spirit?--hence aren't we at WAR--like w. genocide, psychopathology, and lies, etc.?

Shouldn't lies be attacked?

Regarding "learning, growth, kindness, understanding, optimism and openmindedness," one sees the utility of learning and understanding for reason and truth (and love thereof), but isn't "kindness" necessarily something selective which leaves out certain things to indifference or prejudice?  "Optimism"?--how's that stack-up against HONESTY?  "Open-mindedness"?--shouldn't we be closed to lies?--and didn't u say u don't like propaganda?

Isn't life itself a mere addiction, all truth be told?

U want to be "free"?--but how free?--do u want to be God?--u realize that would be HUBRIS, right?
And doesn't life basically suck (Greek tragedy), all truth be told?

Aren't advocates of "liberty" at war w. satanists who want to exterminate about 90% of humanity according to Agenda-21?

Isn't it best to be realistic and honest?--all in accord w. Holy Spirit?

Thus I submit "love" is mere appendage/function/consequence of our addiction to life--we "love" whatever to extent it serves our addiction (to life).

And ultimately, we just want our deaths to be as painless as possible, given our addiction to it--regardless of "love" or "love" of anything in particular or general.

And in all truth, I must take notice u're quite quick, I submit, to deleting and banning people fm ur forum--which is ur proprietary right, of course--so there must be stuff u don't "love" so much, right?--in fact, u dislike it enough so that it can accurately be called repulsion which is simply a degree and analogue of hatred, right?--all in proportion to that reciprocal emotion of "love" u feel for stuff u like and prefer, right?

I hope u're not too offended by my above brash analysis and commentary, for u bring-up a subject-matter which is also held and entertained by a lot of folks among my fellow Christians who tend to be rather sentimental and fuzzy-minded about things, thus not as effective (I think) against satanism, which satanism is presently raging and further, threatening to rage even more in near future.  So I took it as a challenge to be able to bring substantial criticism and observations to bear upon ur own posting.  Thanks again for ur indulgence and comments.

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