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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Christian philosophy is NOT NOT NOT mystic--quite simple, actually, BUT not without some subtlety, never forget....

[QUOTE=ytkm;535996]I haven't found or heard any other simple reference from any other source.
Those I have mentioned it to (who should know) have been dumbfounded.
 The 'good/bad' dialectic is cruel.[/QUOTE]

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Christian Exposition For Philosophy And Allegory: Subtlety And Distinction For Meanings Of Key Words ("Truth" And "Faith")
(Apollonian, 29 Apr 15)

U must realize ur text is sooooooo often convoluted and confused, it's hard to follow.

So note (a) New Test. is basic Christian text, allegory for strict philosophy and logic.

SO (b) necessary text to begin a philosophic analysis is Gosp. JOHN 14:6 which lays down the basic philosophic/metaphysical premise/principle, the reality of TRUTH above all--against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

(c) Thus TRUTH requires the objective reality as necessary criterion.

(d) Thus objective reality leads to DETERMINISM, absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" human will--as humans are sinners, needing God's grace and mercy for salvation.

(e) Hence this is the philosophic/logical refutation of "good-evil"--also following St. Augustine's expo on Pelagian heresy.

(f) But remember, by nature of things only small percentage of folks can really grasp the actual logic of this afore-mentioned argument--SOOOOOOOO, u only have to note, when and as convenient, that "good-evil" may be useful for many, if not most folks, w. child-like mentalities, BUT that it's only, really a metaphor, without actual strict meaning, "good" usually meaning just obedience for most folks, as practical matter ("bad" meaning dis-obedient).


(g) Note there's yet another rather fine distinction for subtle, yet crucial meaning for terminology, the word, "faith"--crucial because Jew liars want to insist it means "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'"--as in stupid, moronic, non-sensical crap, AGAINST REASON--which is absolutely counter-productive for Christianity and reason, which two things go together so well, so sublimely, the PROPER meaning of "faith" being simply LOYALTY, never going against human reason, so crucial and necessary for humanity.

(h) And note further that given the Jew subjectivism, specifically a collectivist subjectivism, the "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin" understanding of "faith" is absolutely necessary and essential to their "interpretation" and "world-view"--since there is no objective reality, one must be selective for the version of "reality" one chooses, which is always and necessarily subjective--so, "beleeeeeeeeeevin," as if this beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin' makes it true, is absolutely necessary.

So, to the Jew, mere "loyalty" is nearly irrelevant and merely secondary to the primary virtue of beleeeeeeeeeevin.  After all, if u're going to go to all the work and effort of beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin', one may as well be "loyal," which is now just a minor side-light and attribute, "loyalty" practically meaningless in view of the CONTRIVANCE of beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'/insisting/obsession.

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