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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Apster exposes academic shill who defends Lincoln, murderer of US Constitution....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Roland Is Disgrace, No Less Than Lincoln, To Scholarship, Truth, Law
(Apollonian, 18 Apr 15)

It's far more simple, accurate, and to-the-pt. to face-up to HORRIFIC facts--as most brilliantly pt'd out by numerous authors, perhaps the best being present day's Thomas J. DiLorenzo who's written a couple of books on the subject, like "The REAL Lincoln," Lincoln being crass mass-murderer, gross traitor, tyrant, destroyer of US Const.

Ever hrd of the 10th Amendment?--it's all of 28 words: "The powers not delegated to the U.S. by the Const., and not prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states or the people, respectively."  (Those were fm memory, pardon the abbreviations.)  Secession and nullification were obvious rights of the states, NOT prohibited.

So the states are and were sovereign, period, this by simple, plain meaning of words.  What happened was simply criminal CONQUEST by the scum, fools, and morons of the "North" against their own countrymen in favor of an alien race--who now afflict the states of the north too, along w. other alien races of present-day, the inevitable reduction-ad-absurdum.

It's only too sad the Southern leadership so terribly failed for the necessary active defense they needed--as urged by heroic and brilliant Gen. T. J. Jackson who advocated an active defense, invading the North, destroying communications, supplies, and infra-structure, thus forcing the civilian pop. to make their leaders come to terms.

Indeed, it almost happened in 1864 election when Gen. Johnston, who was holding off Sherman, was suddenly replaced by the incompetent morphine-addict (due to wounds) Hood, who promptly lost Atlanta, giving the victory to bloody butcher, Lincoln.

Observe then the other anti-Const. tragedies: the 14th amendment which was never properly ratified (look it up), not to mention the 16th and 17th amendments, equally disastrous, and equally fraudulent.  Imperialist USA next slaughtered Plains Indians, then began outright colonial expansion to Cuba, Hawaii, and Philippines, falling into globalist clutches of the Jew-bankers, Col. Ed House and his lap-dog, W. Wilson.

Regardless, states-rights are the obvious and inevitable solution to present problems which have taken several generations for proverbial chickens coming home to "roost."  It may take ANOTHER war (I hope not), but what must happen will happen, regardless.

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