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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jeff C.: good observer, clever commentator, good analyst--to an extent--but suffers serious problems for hypocrisy, sociology, philosophy....

Below-copied dialectic and comments first published at comments,

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Jeff C.: Victim Of Spenglerian "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 15)

Jeff is capable of good work, don't get me wrong--BUT he toooooo much indulges in this "clever" chatter and side-commentary, pretending he's soooooo astute.  He IS very good observer, and I like to see many of his vids to ck what he sees, BUT again, he needs to get down to business more, better.  Jeff's vids are tooooo long w. this annoying chatty "commentary."

I do understand Jeff may be somewhat resentful that scroogle censors him so much, BUT he's got to get over that--he needs to grasp it's back-hand compliment as he's so often so good for his insightful observing/analysis.

I was tired last night, and wanted to get down to business, and went 6 minutes into his vid listening to his banter, so I got a little ticked-off, I guess.

Alex Jones ( is good in his way too, though he's thoroughly Jewwy in his sympathies, Jews' limited-hangout man par excellence, ahead of Glenn Beck, Judge Napolitano, Jesse Ventura, Rand Paul, et al., at the moment....

Jews rule, and Judaism IS satanism, and patriots are left to encouraging kikes to in-fighting w. one another, there being 3 main factions: (a) the "leftists" pushing "global warming"/"climate-change" who want to exterminate 90% or so of humanity; (b) the "right, neo-conservatives," who want to keep some goyim around to continue being their slaves; and (c) those like Alex Jones, et al. (and which actually includes Jeff C. who imagines there are "good" Jews).

But it's satanism vs. the rationalist/West, and there's no "good Jew" anymore than there's "good" satanist or "good" psychopath.  No decent human would admit to being Jew or sympathetic thereto.  But this fore-going is basic philosophy which is beyond Jeff's grasp at the moment, I'm afraid.

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Dallas Bergmann
12:26 PM

apollonian apollonius I agree. Is this debunking or a Beavis and Butthead show? Your smug laugh strikes a nerve in my spine Jeff C. You're not man enough to clean Joe Biggs' boots.
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Makaveli 2
5:05 PM

apollonian apollonius What's to debunk? Anyone with half a brain can see straight through Aj's show...

apollonian apollonius

commented on a video on YouTube.
Shared publicly  -  2:25 AM
Jeff: I gotta say--U BABBLE and babble and babble--without actually getting down to the business u advertise, as on ur other channels to come over here to see ur debunking vids.

Above vid I go for 6 mins listening to ur smug babble and u don't get down to business of debunking.  U're just full of shit and crap and babble pretending u're soooo clever.  yech


How Is Jeff C. Really Diff. FM Alexei Jones?
(Apollonian, 17 Apr 15)

Jeff: if u look at my comment(s) below, u see I expose ur own weakness--for one, u like to run ur mouth, which u think is soooooooooooo clever.  U're not essentially any better than old Alex.  And so what he sells stuff?--what's the real problem w. that?--if he's committing fraud, then have the guts and intelligence to saying what it is, specifically.

I don't blame u for being bitter about being censored by ZOG and google, but what did u expect?--u gotta get around to EXPECTING to being so suppressed and subverted--why wouldn't u be if u're telling truth?

Know why and how, Jeff?--because WHAT is Alex Jones, basically?--he's limited hangout for the Jews who are leaders of satanists, worst enemies of humanity, no?  And u're no essentially diff., Jeff--u think kikes are ok too, don't u?

But there's still lots of good observations fm Alex, as there is fm u too--when one gets past ur annoying babbling and chattering.

See Jeff: ZOG (the ultimate satanic empire) HAS "WON"--much as possible, so far, anyway--and the ONLY thing we can hope for, at this pt., is that satanist masterminds (hence Jews) begin to falling-out w. one another on principle of "no honor among thieves."  Hence there are 3 major factions, u understand, (a) the "leftists" pushing "climate-change" lies and "Agenda-21" genocide; (b) the "rightist neo-conservatives" who oppose somewhat, too much outright, genocide except for keeping gentiles fighting one-another, and (c) the "libertarian" -types, like Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, and u too, buddy, u all being "limited hang-out" for Jews.

So Jeff, tell us how u're really diff. fm Alexei Jones--U'RE NOT--get a clue, buddy.

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