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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corsi delivers crushing, fatal blow for truth, justice, Western culture

Book Review: Corsi, Applicator Of Reason, Honesty; Executor Of Lies, Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 29 Jun 11)

"Where's the Birth Certificate," by Jerome Corsi, WND Books, NY, 2011, 392 pages, w. notes and index, is truly a stupendous, extensive, and scholarly work which essentially and definitively DEMOLISHES Barack H. Obama for epic fraud in his criminal occupation of US Presidency. And of course, Obama himself is just the front-man to larger conspiracy, another production of those powers behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam--see for expo/ref.

For what Corsi does is detailed, but not mere tedious reviewing of the entire subject-matter which began even before the 2008 campaign; Corsi exhaustively treats the foundation of meaning of "natural born citizen" (NBC), and further, he painstakingly covers the Obama campaign's attempts to spin, lie, deceive, intimidate, and distract fm the actual facts. Further, Corsi and the publishers append numerous pictures of relevant documents and computer-screen "captures" for Obama camp's various false statements.

And there's no doubt: Obama knows he's NOT qualified for the office, why he's spent almost two million dollars on lawyer fees, and it all raises the question as to why his backers have deliberately created this crisis which is bound to blow-up in their faces as things continue to get worse and worse for USA both economically and politically.

Remember, there is nothing quite like a full exposition of facts, presented in one work, for the mind to leisurely consider when faced w. the sheer enormity of this gripping and deliberate fraud which additionally amounts to a profound and pointed spitting-in-the-face of the American people, law, rational culture, truth, and human reason itself, for all the various idiotic, and deliberately conspiratorial frauds and self-deceptions perpetrated throughout our recent political history.

Obama fans themselves may never be impressed or persuaded by Corsi, but these are becoming steadily fewer and fewer; otherwise, the book's great effect is obviously upon those who were non-committal, not to mention those many already in-the-know who are now even more greatly strengthened for the fullest grasp of things.

CONCLUSION: Even if one thinks one already knows the pertinent facts (as I did), Corsi's expo is well-worth the reading for his masterly and artistic rendition which is much like a work-of-art in itself--as it presents things in one large, but coherent and simple production by which one can thus wonder at the pathetic and futile attempts of enemies of Truth as they desperately try to destroy not only USA, but all rational Western culture as well. Ultimately, it's truth and reason against lies and sheer criminality--such is the excellent effect of Corsi's magnificent job. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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  1. I have listened to every single interview that has aired featuring Corsi about this book before it came out and since.

    Aside from a few sane people out there, the vast majority simply don't care, won't care, or are rabidly defensive of Obama no matter what he does, has done, or how he has negatively impacted even their own lives.

    I hear talk of some new paganism taking over on top of the smoking ruins of Christianity to take it's place but I think that is incorrect unless we see that Obama is being used to represent the "ape-god" who rules over the jungle.

    Then again, this ape would be nothing if not for his circle of jew ringmasters.