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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mysticism ("faith") and Pharisaist self-righteousness: Horrific Combination, Presently destroying world, USA

Those Fatal "Idols" Of Christian Mind: (Mystic) "Faith" And "Good," Presently Raging
(Apollonian, 1 Jun 11)

What's presently destroying the world at "warp" and break-neck speed?--unquestionably, mysticism and moralism-Pharisaism--Pelagian heresy, founded upon "good-evil" delusion/fallacy. For there is no "good-evil" in a determined, objective world, objectivity the necessary foundation/premise for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, which is God, according to Christian Gosp. JOHN (14:6).

Combined then with mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeevin'" (rather than the proper LOYALTY, real meaning of virtue of "faith"), whence people insist obsessionately that whatever they "beleeeeeev" is what then becomes true (making them God-like for their ability to so "create" reality, even if only in their own mind(s)), Christian virtues of HONESTY and reason go out the window.

Thus, by means of this horrific mystic "faith" of "believing," Christianity is no longer the worship of God, but actually that narcissistic self-worship of mysticism and mystic "faith," whence one creates reality, as one becomes God unto oneself--by means of this mystic "faith" of "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

For "beleeeeeevin" DOESN'T MAKE ANYTHING TRUE. Truth exists by itself, REGARDLESS of "belief."

Thus Christianity, properly understood, once again, is the worship of, reverence for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH which couldn't and wouldn't exist unless the objective reality existed FIRST, objectivity thus giving grounds, foundation, and premise for truth pre-existing the subject, the human who is mere creation who comes after prior reality, humanity the merest accident following fm the prior reality and Godly creator.

Thus Christianity affirms OBJECTIVITY and Aristotle as it affirms existence of truth--for there could be no "truth" without prior existence of reality.

And as reality is objective, it is DETERMINED, there being no such thing as a PERFECTLY "free" human will--only God's will is perfectly free, by definition. And note humans can't exceed their necessarily interested condition, humans being creatures of will, even if not perfectly "free."

But people, we observe, are soooooooooooo desperate to pretend they're "good" (Pharisaism)--as we observe they're sooooooo perfectly programmed fm childhood they must be OBEDIENT, "good" always predicated upon such obedience for the weak-minded who are so numerous, due to preceding generation(s), and even powerful, esp. when well-led by liars and false-prophets.

And we note these weaklings, so susceptible to "good" and mystic "faith" delusion(s) are CYCLICALLY generated, esp. in the CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, these weaklings, ironically, sprung-forth by a preceding race of genuinely strong and great conqueror generation who subsequently indulge their progeny who wouldn't otherwise survive without these strong predecessors who provided for them in the first place.

Such then is the present human predicament as we see humanity victimized by psychopathic mass-murderers, supported by masses of willing dupes who "believe" they're good to accept lies like "global warming" and esp. then that horrific COUNTERFEITING scam known as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref. on Fed scam.

CONCLUSION: Hence the foremost crux to things cultural is to preaching the real Christian truth for hereticalist masses of "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) who "beleeeeeeeeev" such lies as Christ was Jew, etc.--and who "beleeeeeev" it's virtue to so "beleeeeev." For the true Christian who worships TRUTH properly is honest and only seeks to understand, as understanding is foundation of real knowledge, hence truth, "beleeeeeevin" (without understanding and proof) mere cheap substitute for real knowledge of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


  1. Apollonion, it's Yakub Israel, please come back to the Stumble inn and post, everyone really misses you for real, I've told them I will be the one who will handle your complaints in the future so you dont' have to deal with monster anymore, plus we could give you a subforum, and you'll be allowed in the shoutbox. I need my fellow Catholics with me, Purgatory awaits alot of the SInners, we need to convert them. Even Ja Whiteman would like to see you back. Please, I beg you, the place isn't the same without you. God Bless, Yakub Israel.

  2. Well gosh Yakub, it's truly difficult to argue against u, u know. And I certainly agree we Christian soldiers must act urgently to help save this putrid world, much as it's possible to be done.

    As a matter of fact, I've been at work thinking up neat new arguments for our dear Christianity--Christianity the worship of truth truth truth as u know, of course.

    Thus dear Christianity is actually that beginning foundation in the sentiment/emotion which sets it up for following more strictly conceived reason, science, and logic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  3. Hold off on Stumble inn good Christian soldier, I'm trying to find a place where indubilatly our free speech will be honoured. I think montrostity is purposely trying to destroy the Stumble Inn to stop the spread of Christianity. Hail Brother, I will let you know about another home for us, I'm on the fence about leaving the Stumble inn because of problems with moderation etc..

  4. Inn Of Stumbling For Mere Mediocrities
    (Apollonian, 5 Jun 11)

    Yakub: great to hr fm u again, old bean. U know, every so often I ck back at Inn of stumblingness. I seem to note they have many more people there now commenting. My impression is Zed and co. are bored, and so now they don't mind apollonian ck-ing in once again to stir up some shit--which I'd gladly do, being sooooo good at it as I've proven, heh heh.

    Hey, also I note u were a moderator, but now u're not listed--so what happened?

    Thing u gotta note about Inn of stumbling is they're soooooooo HALF-ASSED. They pretend to being "patriotic" sometimes, somewhat, but they fail to see the essence of that patriotism is and must be our dear Christianity--which itself is simply a stylized form of anti-semitism. Christianity is basically a REACTION to and against Jew lying, whence Jews make themselves God, u see.

    Thus Christianity then showed the way for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH and how then any other virtue, like "peace," or "love," or "faith" only works as it complements such truth, truth as PRIMARY virtue, principle, and ideal.

    But what has happened is truth has been knocked-out as primary, topmost ideal, u see. Scum and morons now imagine Christianity is mere version/variation of Judaism--when fact is they are absolute ANTI-THESES, Christ for truth, Jews for lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

    Probably and surely the worst thing that ever happened in hist. is when "faith" virtue became mis-construed and corrupted similarly as for that of preceding Judaism whence it is (and was) made out to being "beleeeeeeeeeeeving"--rather than the proper LOYALTY.

    CONCLUSION: But don't doubt it's good to hear fm u and BSR--I only wish u fellows could go more into detail about things. We had a great faction/clique over there at Inn of Stumblingness, nipped in the bud, unfortunately--I guess they were afraid we'd have gotten yet more converts, ha ha. Take care. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  5. My good Catholic brother, the monstrosity gives testimony against thy good Christian brother that you aren't highbrow. Such pharasitic nonsense I've never heard in my life before, indubibitaly. W. the present state of internet moderator fasciscim we are experiencing fm. spreading the TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH!!! indubitaly I may just join you in true highbrow discussion of Catholic Christianity on ur. blog. The fires of Purgatory are too good for these protestant mamzers and baal priests, may the lake of fire with the weeping and the gnashing of teeth, and shaol may they suffer in eternally, except of course the ones that we like. I put 5$ in the offering at Mass for us and prayers so we can indubitaly spread the TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH!!!!! to these free range mamzers. Even Pastor Martin Lindsetdt gave testimony on your behalf that you should return to the Stumble inn, plus many others that secretly gave their support to me in green rep, but indubitaly monstrosity has some sort of mystic hold over both forums. The other forum I tried was the and I believe monstrosity is a poster named tricknologist, whose word pattern recognition is a perfect match plus he has a poem belonging to the monstrosity in his signature lurking the internet. I fear I'm losing faith in the internet, but my FAITH FAITH FAITH!!! in ur. highbrow essays keeps me going. God speed, Onward Christian Soldiers!!

  6. ps, ur reply was another essay u. should have published, indubitaly, for the truth truth truth must be spread far and wide!

  7. Hmmmmmm, u know Yakub, there's a "tricknologist" over at too. A.

  8. Apollonion my Catholic brother, I think we may find to be more accepting of our freedom of speech. Please join me there in spreading the truth truth truth, indubitaly, there has been some positive response in bringing you there, please sign up. God speed, Yakub Israel

  9. Okay Yakub, will ck it out, for sure. Take good care. A.

  10. Hey Apster. I recommend that you don't bother with SI. They seem to be going the way of the freepers with waaay too many jews, whiggers and jew ass-kissers showing up like Joe McCarthy, EdwardUK, Eggy, Limm and many others.

    There are a still a few good quality people there but they are lost in the mix at this point and are silent on the jew issue mostly except for Monster. I know you got the ass for me and Monster but he is a good dude who was only trying to do a thankless job of moderation at that place.

    I have to find a pro-white site. I don't like to post all over the net so I doubt I will be returning to SI very often. YI was pullin your chain but I was not gonna say anything because I figured you would not believe me anyways. No grudges held here. Too bad things got the way they did but I am not one to give ground and neither are you.

    I apologize for sending the link to that article regarding you at school in NM to ML. I put myself between a rock and a hard place and it was you at that time who was giving me the most grief, so my bad jewdgment won out.


  11. "Faith" Must Be Carefully Understood According To Primary Value Of Truth
    (Apollonian, 13 Jun 11)

    "Giving ground"?--what exactly is that supposed to mean?--for how can "ground" be given? See previous entry, above. Let's begin analysis at the very first premise for things.

    (1) First, note Christianity is worship of, reverence for God which is Truth, Truth which is God (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Truth is what "it" is all about. So what is "truth"?--as asked by Pontius Pilate at Gosp. JOHN 18:38.

    (2) Thus truth is that agreement of mind w. the objective reality given and originally made and created by God. Truth isn't made by humans--it's just the mind acknowledging God-given, objective reality.

    (3) Thus note Christianity is worship of truth ABOVE ALL AND EVERYTHING ELSE, everything else only being understood in accord w. this primary value, truth truth truth. "Everything" then includes subordinate concepts of love, peace, "good," and "faith."

    (4) And now note: if truth is OBJECTIVE, then it must be determined--there is no perfectly "free" human will--only God's will is perfectly free. And God's will is the way the universe/reality works--we know this (general) God's will then by phrase of "cause-effect"--it's the way things happen.

    (5) So "good" is really meaningless; we're ineluctably programmed to sin; we're sinners, always have been, always will be--we pursue our self-interests, sometimes even in dis-regard for best reason and all rationality. For practical purposes then, "good" only has subjective meaning, like obedience--like a "good" dog.

    But note how we're so taken w. this "good" imperative when we're young--we're programmed and trained very intensively to wanting to be "good." Most people never grow out of this training/programming.

    (6) So "love" and "peace" are easily understood according to primary truth value/premise/principle. Peace we gain individually and within as we understand truth, and truth is what we love above all. Loving truth requires, logically, we hate lies and thence Jews who worship lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

    (7) But now "faith" is the really interesting and challenging issue at hand, for we have the problem known as EQUIVOCATION fallacy whence the sense and connotation(s) of a word can be taken and construed in different ways which then makes for possible confusion--which is very serious in this case, esp. in view of our primary TRUTH value which must always remain supreme.

    St. Paul, according to the theologian, Ehrman, in "Forged," considers proper sense of "faith" to being TRUST, but obviously LOYALTY is also necessary meaning and value--as spouses are loyal to each other and their marriage contract--indeed as all parties are properly loyal to binding contracts (contractual "good faith," a widely-understood legal principle).

    (8) Thus "faith," the proper Christian virtue, such as it is, COULD NOT mean mere "believing," for observe if I see a squirrel running up a tree, I merely register and acknowledge the fact I perceive to being the obvious truth: the squirrel is running up the tree. I don't have to "believe" this about the squirrel--I merely know it, simple as that, acknowledging the simple evidence of the senses.

    [* * * * * End of Part One to this essay--see part two, below. A.]

  12. [--------Here's Part two to above. A.-------]

    * * * * *

    (9) Thus "believing" type of "faith" is NOT a virtue, and is too often made out to being the prime virtue, consisting then of something CONTRIVED in the way of childrens' "make-believe."

    (10) For when I note the truth about the squirrel running up the tree, note there's nothing contrived about it, the truth comes naturally and honestly--there's no make-believe to it, nothing needs be contrived or "believed."

    Again, One doesn't need "faith" to know the squirrel ran up the tree, we simply understand and know based upon what we know about our perception of reality--it's how we naturally function, knowledge based upon perception--"faith" has nothing to do with it.

    (11) Same then goes for God and Christ: we don't have to "believe" anything; we simply acknowledge we can't disprove God and/or Christ--that's all that's needed, and there's no need to contrive anything.

    (12) Did Christ raise Lazarus fm the dead?--maybe--we sure can't disprove it. But then to say we "KNOW" Christ did this raising-fm-dead would be a lie, pure and simple. We weren't there to see it (Lazarus); hence we can't say we "KNOW" it. And "faithful" beleeeeeeeeeeeving is no justification for such lying to ourselves. Only thing we can properly say is we cannot disprove it.

    CONCLUSION: Hence my necessary conclusion is that the supposed virtue of "faithful" "believing" is FALSE FALSE FALSE--there is no virtue thereto--it's superfluous and totally unnecessary. For such contrived and phony "beleeeeeeeeeeeving" is at odds w. honesty and truth, and is therefore not a virtue at all, merely an excuse and way one LIES to oneself, pretending it's thus good to lie in order to induce some concocted, contrived, and pretended "knowledge" which isn't knowledge at all in all truth. Note further, this "beleeeeeeeeeving" is what Jews do as they inveigle themselves to pretend lies are the "truth" which they attempt to impose on gullible gentile suckers. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  13. I know that a bell cannot be un-rung but is man capable of forgiveness or is that also relegated to God? Your words are making more sense lately. BTW, Bill White is out. Did you know that? Have you commented on this? search older posts at:

  14. "giving ground" in retrospect to my comment meant compromise or conceding some small point. You did neither and that resulted in one's tearing at one's hair if one had any to tear at. I have yet to come to grips with the truth trumping our friendship but I suspect I will eventually.