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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paul's campaign approach "perverse"--even though quite understandable given Paul's unusual premises

Dr. Coy: Paul's Intellectual Perversion Stumps People
(Apollonian, 8 Jun 11)

Though far from "corrupt," Ron Paul's political style is "perverse," I submit, inasmuch as it's so unusual and counter-intuitive: (a) it's highly intellectualistic for basic approach, and (b) it's not oriented towards blaming the criminals, also known as "negative campaigning." Paul prefers to merely extolling and pushing his own ideals, insisting such ideals as his are the best way to proceeding politically.

Thus Paul doesn't bother to pt. out the sheer criminality and fraud of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for best expo) which is quite literally a COUNTERFEIT scam--as Paul rightly fears assassination.

Paul's style is also ironic inasmuch as he emphasizes US Constitutionality, yet pointedly refuses to weigh-in on the Obama eligibility issue which well-served Donald Trump so recently, Trump strangely now so silent as it is obvious Obama's proffered birth certificate is forged and grossly fraudulent. See and

For note Joseph Goebbels, the famed nazi propaganda minister, stressed most effective propaganda has to be (a) simple, and (b) repeated over and over. But Paul's message is NOT simple in the least--it's rather highly intellectualistic (abstract) and even rather moralistic which leaves so many people behind, even though many actually like Paul for his otherwise straight-forward consistency and honest manner.

So Paul is to be admired and respected most for his amazing political style--he obviously doesn't care to being elected president so much as he strives to put across his particular message stressing the Constitution and most appropriate type of legislation. But question remains regarding Paul's ignoring Obama's blatant usurpation of presidential office in contempt of US Constitution, as it seems so inconsistent in view of Paul's stress upon loyalty to the Constitution.

And people would immediately understand the horrific criminal conspiracy working against them if only they could face up to the COUNTERFEIT nature of the Fed instrument/mechanism which is being used against them, esp. in the way of United Nations (UN) depopulation policy and the poisoning of the people's drinking water by means of fluorine compounds--as well as other poisoning measures being effected.

For people require being addressed in way of CONCRETE terminology, not abstracts, and COUNTERFEITING is easily understood even by small children.

CONCLUSION: Thus as politics and elections entail art of the practical, one must wonder about Ron Paul's perverse methodology entailing such effete intellectualism and his refusal to defend the Constitution regarding "natural born" qualification requirement out of a "politically-correct" (PC) moralism. Paul is desperate not to seem "racist." People need to understand the criminals behind the Fed aren't joking around when they talk about population-reduction. For fluorine poisoning is not only a present-day fact, it's mere tip of the proverbial iceberg. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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  1. Hey how about linderwitz's coyness?

    Linderwitz proclaimed Strom a pedophile before Strom's trial even started, yet in that same thread, announced that he was somehow going to "protect" Strom from slander. Read what this asshole says about militiamen in post #31, then read post #39. First he bashes those who stand up to ZOG, then he justifies them. Does ANYBODY else besides me see how much of a crank Linder really is???

    BTW, Lindy's closing in on 18,000 posts. Quite the street activist, isn't he?