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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Horrific Truth Begins To Dawn: Feds Are Out To Kill You, Suckers
(Apollonian, 9 Jun 11)

Previously in the USA and West political debate and discussion had to do w. a plausible choice btwn and among positives which were relatively forthright; "left and right," Democrat vs. Republican, or "liberal vs. conservatives" vied for the votes and support of people upon the basis they were committed to some form of forthright "social progress"--no more.

For nowadays, as criminals, corporations, and psychopaths consolidate their control over things--including everything, seeking absolute monopolistic control over all the earth's resources--the formerly secret purpose is now evermore plain: these people are determined to REDUCE POPULATION of the world--they're out to kill people, one way or the other.

One of the ways towards this proposed population reduction was and is sterilization, this to be induced chemically, but now it isn't held important if the supposed sterilizing chemical actually kills the subject-recipient. See; also see

And this mass-sterilization and deadly deliberate poisoning is now being done by various means and methods, including vaccinations, "chem-trails," and nuclear contamination. Fools and suckers need to start getting a serious clue.

Thus the prospective mass-murderers are connected unmistakably with the resident powers-that-be which rules by means of that COUNTERFEITING fraud known as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for best expo/ref. Thus the criminals and murderers are exposed definitively: fraud and lying necessarily and inevitably require mass-murder as enforcement, and people are now confronted indisputably with that horrific reality.

Observe further, it used to be Christianity stood firmly against this lying and mass-murder, no less than Christianity stood against Jews, but no more. For we see Christianity evermore embraces Jews and esp. Israel, and as it does this Christianity loses its identity as forthright champion of truth above all. Now Christianity gives way to lies and mysticism, this always upon the excuse and pretext of "good."

CONCLUSION: So the pt. is that if people are to defeat this culture of death, mass-murder, and criminality founded upon lies, they must embrace TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, and hence Christianity which does not compromise w. Jews and their Talmudic lies. It's no longer a matter of "left vs. right" or "liberal vs. conservative"; rather it's a simple struggle for life against criminals and murderers who defend lies, fraud, and Jews, always Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


  1. Appollonion, come over to, it's a site with no rep system and very minimal moderation, I look forward to seeing you there, it's the new place I will be, the Stumble inn and the beerbarrel are both lackluster places not worthy of our Highbrow Catholic knowledge. Instant sign up also, as soon as you register you can start posting. I look forward to seeing you there, I go by a different name, I'll pm you when you get there.

  2. "Feds Are Out To Kill You, Suckers"

    It seems to me that you have taken up the role of a suicide interventionist trying to talk sense into people who are hell bent on going face first over the cliff.

    Your job must get you down at night looking back at what might be construed as failures on your part, but it's not your fault.

    Genuinely suicidal people are going to off themselves no matter what sense is relayed to them at any point before they take their fatal plunge.

    Face it sir, mankind has become fatally suicidal; you are wasting your time and efforts in trying to dissuade people from doing what they are hell bent on doing.

    I do understand why it is so frustrating though, as they take their fatal dive they latch onto our legs as they go over thus taking us all down with them.

    Back in the 1970's there was a movie called "Damnation Alley" about a post apocalyptic world filled with near bionic cockroaches, about the only life(if you consider it as such) to make it through the nuclear devastation.

    Fukashima aside, it sure seems like the only creatures destined to make it through the economic hell in store for us all is the cockroach-like beings from the third world.

  3. Nam tua res agitur paries cum proximo ardet.

    So, I suppose men like ourselves have no choice but to put out the fire.