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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[It's been almost three weeks without a new posting here, but I've been busy at a discussion site, is like a large blog, u know. And I was able to get in several good DIALECTICS which is the great feature of blogs and blogging, multiplied at discussion sites (see link, just below). Immediately below is an instance of a dialectic I had w. a faggot/gay/homosexual who was typically making excuses for his faggotry, claiming he WAS NOT trying to push an agenda. We had several exchanges, but below is when I thought I quite effectively rebutted him at one posting. See!/page13. I answer in the numbered paragraphs corresponding to his statements, numbering to which I super-added.]

* * * * *

Mighty Apster Refutes The Queer's Lies, Propaganda

(Apollonian, 17 Jul 11)

Hey thanks much, Friedrich, for ur snappy and spirited response--it gives me something to work w. by way of "reasoning" w. u, eh? But again and before anything else, note queers are simply ADDICTS and psychotically obsessed w. sense gratification. Ur entire response is nothing but excuses and cheap rationalizations which have been hrd before and will NOT NOT NOT ultimately be tolerated.

1. U didn't come here to "push gay agenda"?--U'RE A LIAR, pure and simple. Proof is ur typical, stupid excuses and rationalizations, again--this is "pushing agenda," by definition.

2. A queer is an addict--u're not ONLY "attracted"--u actively seek out sense gratification w. others of same sex; ultimately u queer scum all end up as crass alcoholics, and u always get around to attempting to seducing younger, more vulnerable victims--u're predators, without any doubt.

3. Well, being queer would be useless and meaningless if it didn't end up w. the thematic sense gratfication, hence "act," u scum sooo desperately crave, eh? Being queer is now part of a mentality and culture and is "political" of necessity.

4. Sure, disease and psychosis are parts of nature too and will always be there, but they don't usually prevail in human society except when that society suffers "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

5. As every act is necessarily consequence of human will, expression/assertion of "sexuality" is responsibility w. legal consequences--same as TREASON and any other crime--ur sort of putrid corruption has simply been tolerated far too much, and must now be dealt with more actively/drastically, in un-compromising manner--it WILL NOT be tolerated--and u're going to understand this one way or another, comrade.

6. U're just a liar, and what u "believe" is most often just a lie u tell urself to justify ur perversion and socio-pathology, scum.

7. Right, queer scum: and we've hrd that before fm queers like urself too, haven't we? Actually, EVERYONE is "latent" queer, eh?--some are simply more rational and more successful in guiding and restraining themselves. But ur stupid excuses will NOT NOT NOT ultimately be tolerated, as I've warned u.

8. Encouraging queers is KNOWN strategy of Jews and cultural subversives like communists--who are always guided by Jews--ALWAYS.

9. Queers are ALWAYS basically adjuncts to (a) irrationalists and (b) subjectivists, these led by professional subverters of society, thus Jews--these are simply known, verified facts of history. U've already made known ur sympathy to kikes. So queers are simply the lower-level cadre of a core-group, led by Jews, the purpose being the intimidation/terrorization and regimentation of society in general. As for most issues, MOST people are "un-decided" in the middle btwn extremely small minorities at the polar ends, sociologically/politically. Queers are known, confirmed advocates of the "New World Order" (NWO) which features "freedom" for queers. Death to queers.

10. "Sexual rev." and "teen pregnancy" are mere symptoms of same problem, queers being just another of general societal break-down, scum--they're all related, part and parcel.

11. "White man's expense" is promoted by Jews, hence queers, Jews' little helpers/accomplices--another well-known fact, scummy lying queer.

12. "Gay people" are psychotic, obsessive enemies of society and its youth; they are criminals and traitors waging war upon that society, exterminating such queer enemies is NOT "murder"--it's rather self-defense.

13. Eradicating queers along w. Jews and other diseases may or may not "increase numbers"--what's important is defending the volk, insuring the security of a just and healthy society.

14. "Young gay people" must simply change their corrupt and perverted habits, and as they are rational and realize such filthy habits won't be tolerated, the smart ones will surely repent their filthy sins and reform their habits in healthier way. What, pray tell, is "pseudo-religious"?--I'm being perfectly frank in PUREST, honest, logical reason. Ur corruption/perversion WILL NOT be tolerated. U will get a clue--or, u will be dead, dead, dead, scum. I think this attitude of mine is both (a) honest, and (b) most rational indeed; if it isn't u need to say why/how. U might call it "tough love"--I call it HONESTY in matter-of-fact way. Regardless, u WILL get a "clue"--OR ELSE.

15. U're just an ignorant liar, as usual w. u scummy, stupid queers. Queers are psychotically obsessed TRAITORS who collude w. worst enemies of mankind, Jews--sure, that may be a "talent" to perverted scum like u queers. But I was hist. major in grad-school, and I assure u ur'e brainless ignorant moron when it comes to Renaissance which was essentially the SECULARIZATION of what previously was oriented to the after-life, the integration of the world of sense-perception w. the abstract by means of reason--NOT NOT NOT queer perversion which is built upon trendy, faddish, "fashionable" ignorance and half-assed "new-age"-style mysticism and mumbo-jumbo psycho-babble.

16. Yes, privacy is a right in reason and rational society, but on the contrary, u queers want to make it public, pushing ur perversion in people's faces, forcing the children to be propagandized at the schools, insisting queers should be hired by private companies and not "discriminated" against, u scummy, corrupt queer liar.

17. No, we Christian soldiers are going to take-back our Western society, and we're going to EXTERMINATE w. "extreme prejudice" u filthy, corrupt, perverted friends and sympathizers of Jews. U've now been totally refuted, once again, and I repeat: u're lucky I'm being most reasonable w. u now, scum. U queers are NOT NOT NOT going to be tolerated. Get a clue to save ur scummy life, puke. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied by "Friedrich"--------------

[1] I didn't come here to push a queer agenda, but since you seem obsessed with it...
[2] Being gay means you are attracted to the same sex.
[3] It is not a sex act or political act in itself.
[4] It occurs in nature, across cultures, and will always be there.
[5] Except for bisexual people I think sexuality is fixed (albeit more so in gay men than women).
[6] As such I don't believe that anybody can be seduced into a "gay lifestyle".
[7] That's a basic admission that the person who argues this is latently homosexual/bisexual himself.
[8] The blatant sexualization of society may lead to corruption.
[9] The gay minority isn't big enough to really influence it either way.
[10] The sexual revolution and the teen pregnancy epidemics are doing much worse for society.
[11] It's not that white people don't breed, it's that the other races breed uncontrollably at the white man's expense.
[12] You want to murder white gay people?
[13] Oh yeah, that's definitely going to increase our numbers.
[14] A lot of young gay people end up as hopeless liberals, because they hear pseudo-religious crap like yours.
[15] Gay people also have talents that can benefit society, and without them there wouldn't have been a renaissance after the dark ages.
[16] What people do in their bedrooms with other consenting adults is their own business.
[17] Maybe you should become a Salafi Muslim and fuck off to Saudi Arabia

---------------------"Friedrich responds to apster, below-copied---------------------

Yeah, whatever, you've already said I should be exterminated long ago.
What more is there to say?
Are you honestly saying that straight men are so simply because they have more restraint on their same sex desires?
I don't find that at all, and straight people like a lot of heterosexual sense-gratification.
Either you have same sex attraction or not, but my male straight friends have none.
But, rather predictably, now its going into New Ageism versus "Christian soldiers".
You enjoy your beliefs, and I'll enjoy mine.

* * * * *

"Straights" Are More Rational Than Queers, Who Are Psychotic, By Definition, Other Things Being Equal

(Apollonian, 17 Jul 11)

"What more is there to say?"--I don't know: that's up to u, evidently, as u plainly came here to "push ur agenda," as I noted.

What I'm saying is that queers are (a) addicts and psychotically obsessed, (b) then necessarily, given the cultural/psychologic configurations, accomplices to the worst enemies of mankind, the Jews, who deliberately promote such corruption/perversion as queers.

And thus "straights" do not, by definition, indulge/partake in such corruption/perversion. Straights are thus no more virtuous than any other citizen who chooses NOT to indulge in any sort of criminality.

So "straights," like any non-criminal citizen, deserve credit for not oppressing society as queers do. "Straights" may indeed have similar urge to sheer "sense gratification," but they're more rational as to be more constrained for choice of partners--and deserve due credit for what it's worth.

CONCLUSION: Right queer: I'm sure u'll "enjoy" ur "beliefs"--and the large drama is presently taking place in the world's cultural struggle as we observe in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. I just wanted to be sure u're successful in ur campaign of "pushing" ur "agenda," as u do. Ur fellow queers surely appreciate ur arguments as u've presented, indubitably. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------END-------[There's more to this dialectic at the site, above-noted.]----------------

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