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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dialectic with "Judeo-Christian" (though he denies it) upon what exactly IS Christianity

Here's another great dialectic found at; it has to do w. meaning of Christianity.

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Fool Mis-Represents What He Then Condemns
(Apollonian, 14 Jul 11)

MAT: Poor fool, readers will observe u've totally mis-represented Christ's statement (see below-copied by MAT) about "judging." If u lie about one quote, u may have lied about the others too--certainly mis-understood them, regardless. One MUST judge--there's simply no way around it--it's just one must be careful to note criterion by which one judges as it will be applied to oneself in due time. Christ did NOT NOT NOT tell people to not judge (as u allege)--this would be stupid--which is how u understand Christianity which u then condemn.

Problem is u understand "intelligent" (like a Jew) to meaning biased like urself. And indeed, I oppose ur demented and biased understanding which is NOT NOT NOT "intelligent" in proper sense of the word.

Christ un-questionably emphasized idea that truth is pre-eminent value, HONESTY then the pre-eminent ethical virtue--AGAINST the Pharisees (and others, but Pharisees were worst of the bunch) who, in their hubris, always twisted things and lied to suit their interests ("what's 'good' for Jews"). Thus Christ upheld the Aristotelian reality (or "God-created" according to Christians) against Pharisaic/Talmudic subjectivism (as of urs, I'd note).

As Christ is anti-Talmudic (anti-lies and anti-subjective), he is necessarily anti-semitic, ipso facto--I doubt anyone would disagree. Truth then is absolutely thematic for Christian aesthetic/philosophy defining absolutely EVERYTHING else, necessarily.

I don't at all "attack" Christ's teachings--I attack ur miserable "interpretations," that's all. I only say Christ didn't and couldn't have meant what u idiotically say he meant.

And the "cognitive dissonance" is entirely on ur part; u're actually preaching "Judeo-Christianity" (JC) but don't have the wit to understand the stupidity u speak/write. U're such a smug, brainless fool with ur slip-shod, totally conventional "interpretations" which I've shown are so prejudiced if not entirely false--as about ur assertion on "judging." It doesn't occur to a moron like u Jews have sedulously subsidized a Jew-oriented, Jew-serving understanding/"interpretation of Christianity, it's worst enemy, for nearly two hundred yrs now, which is proven in the infamous Scofield Bible, for example--see for expo/ref.

CONCLUSION: MAT: my writings go back ten yrs now which anyone can research at, under "commentary." I'm quite confident for my expo/research; u're the one half-assed and flippant for ur Jew-serving "understanding." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-------------------above by Ap in response to below-copied by MAT--------------------

Yes, that is the full quote--wherein Jesus advises his followers not to judge others. You have not refuted a damn thing.

I do not expect you to utter anything remotely intelligent. The entire basis for your interpretation of Christianity is merely one N.T. verse, which you manhandle to boot. You also believe that Jesus was not Jewish--when he, and all of his apostles and early followers, were Jewish. The earliest Christians just considered themselves another Jewish sect; in fact, the decision to convert Gentiles and not force them to comply with Jewish ceremonial 'laws' was not one that came naturally or easily.

It is also funny that you attack many of Jesus' teachings, suggesting that he could not have meant what he taught because such is illogical, e.g., "loving one's enemies." I find this amusing because many folks who are opposed to Christianity expressly have a problem with these teachings, suggesting that they are unrealistic or simply inapplicable in real life. Such individuals may be right, but at least they have the balls to state they are not Christians because they disagree with some of Christ's teachings, as opposed to claiming to be Christian while similarly disagreeing with such teachings.

You would live with far less cognitive dissonance if you just accept the fact that you are not a Christian. If you are actually a white man, I suggest Asatru. No need to hate Jews and worship them at the same time, or to mangle their teachings to create a pseudo-theological mess.

---------------------------below-copied by MAT in response to above (top) by Ap---------------

We can agree that Jesus was anti-Talmudic, and obviously opposed the Pharisees and Sadducees.

However, Jesus was a Jew, who preached to other Jews, who was followed around by a bunch of other Jews, and so forth. He was clearly not an anti-Semite, at least not in the sense that the term has been understood since the Jews started to cry about their poisecution.

Jesus was only "anti-Semitic" in the sense that he tried to teach the conservative Jews of his day to reform themselves, to be less tribalistic and less hateful. But he was no Aryan warlord or Greek student of Aristotle -- he was a Jew.

Also, I am no "Judeo-Christian."

"As Christ is anti-Talmudic (anti-lies and anti-subjective), he is necessarily anti-semitic, ipso facto--I doubt anyone would disagree." -Apollonian fm above, 14 Jul 11

Au contraire, there is not anyone who would agree. This is another massive oversimplification heaped upon another oversimplification with a conclusion that would literally astound any rational person.

1) Opposing Talmudic teachings, as even some Jews do, does not ipso facto make one "anti-Semitic."
2) The Talmud is not simply about "lies" and "subjectivity" -- nor is Christianity simply about "TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH" and "objectivity."

----------------------below-copied by Ap in response to above by MAT-----------------

Apsterian Expo Mightily Crushes Home, Steadily, Surely, Triumphantly
(Apollonian, 15 Jul 11)

Slowly but steadily MAT finds he must admit to and adopt the definitions, exposition, and meanings mighty Apster has so consistently held.

Observe MAT admits Christ was anti-Talmudic (thus admitting the premise), but now wants to quibble and continue to insist Christ was Jew, MAT insisting Jew is more/other than Pharisaic/Talmudist and those racially related which assertion then consists simply of the fallacy of EQUIVOCATION--conflating two (or more) different things into one and the same. But I maintain the verifiable truth that Jew, strictly speaking, IS NOT same as "Judean," but rather, as I noted w. ref.s, Jew being follower of Pharisees, etc., and those racially related.

MAT then begs the question regarding, " the sense that the term has been understood," that term being "anti-semitic," which is anti-Jew (not Judean), or anti-Talmudist. In fact, one can confidently say anti-semitic means anti-Talmudist, practically perfectly parallel terms, and so it has always been held by the Jews themselves. Anti-Talmud is anti-semitic ipso facto.

Thus MAT grudgingly admits and agrees w. my necessary conclusion (Christ was absolutely anti-semitic), though he petulantly wants to stipulate conditions which I never put--I never said Christ was "Aryan warlord." For Christ was Gallilean of Judean descent (not Jew--not Pharisaic) who preached the real Mosaic law--against the Pharisaics, the Pharisaics conspiring thus to have Christ murdered.

And now here we begin to get to the real nitty-gritty about the real, essential Christianity and what it REALLY means first and most (yes, it does feature TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost principle, as I noted). And observe I didn't say Christ was "Greek" student of Aristotle, but he was Aristotelian without doubt for the primary immanence of Aristotle--OBJECTIVITY. Reality exists in its own right ("God-created" according to the Christians) regardless of our own consciousnesses, thus premise for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--an extremely anti-semitic (anti-Talmudic) principle.

For what is the Talmud?--even as MAT himself has already essentially admitted, teaching hate and warfare for the sake of war. Thus the Talmud teaches reality is ONLY what the rabbis say it is (subjectivism, ipso facto), this always serving the "good" of the Jews--but always then, of course, for the special "good" of the leaders of the Jews, the heck w. lower-level kikes whom the top Jews merely use as means to their ends.

Thus Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH vs. Jew lies is very much and precisely the SAME as Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY vs. Jew/Talmudic subjectivity. Q.E.D. And it's impossible and absurd for any "Jew" to oppose the Talmud, for he wouldn't be a Jew (by definition) any longer--it's inconceivable. And in fact, Jews would see to it the apostate Jew would be dead, dead, dead--as they've so well demonstrated throughout hist., Talmud being essentially just a hand-book for CRIMINALS, pure and simple. And Christ cursed the Pharisees (see 23rd chapt. Gosp. MATT) for making the law of Moses into such a criminal enterprise, beginning w. making the law of men to being law of God (Gosp. MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

Hence Christianity, the philosphy thereto and therein, is NECESSARILY founded upon the idea of truth (as in Gosp. JOHN), hence objectivity, without such objectivity there could be no truth--this, opposed to Jew lies and Talmudism which is meant to serve the "good" of the Jews (actually, their leaders), as defined by the kikes.

MAT is indubitably and without question one who spouts the same "Judeo-Christian" hereticalist lies to effect Christianity and Judaism (Talmudism) are mere variants of same thing; they're NOT NOT NOT--they are HEGELIAN OPPOSITES and anti-theses necessarily and without question. Thus Christianity is so eminently rational and reasonable whereas Judaism/Talmudism is irrationalist and mystic featuring the false "faith" of believing absurd things, this "believing" then creating a false reality within the subject. Proper Christianity only holds "faith" as LOYALTY, like the faithful husband to wife. MAT is half-baked and slip-shod for his understanding and distinctions as I've noted over and over.

CONCLUSION: Hence it is mighty apster has demonstrated his case so conclusively; MAT must lie grossly and grievously to maintain Christ was Jew, a most disgusting and putrid falsehood, and note how he does it, (a) ignoring the ref.s and expo given by apster, (b) continuing then mindlessly and stupidly to repeating the same balderdash as he does. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


  1. Consider, perhaps more ears, eyes, and hearts will be more open to the truth after the coming collapse. Until that time don't expect much in getting your message across to the sheepeople.

    Most blogs are overrun with jews and their feeble attempts to deny their crimes or throw red herrings all over the comment sections.

    Worry more about stocking up on some necessities to make it through what is coming. Those that survive the chaos will be more than willing to listen to your message quite attentively at that time. Until then I will leave you with a post from another blog:

    It's the jews stupid?

    YES! You heard me, it's the jews who are behind the mess our world is in.

    It is true that the jews strategically use some gentile lackey's/traitors to carry out their dirty work, but that does NOT change the fact that the poisons which afflict us come from a jewish source. Got it?

    Since so very few people care about our future I will leave this blog as a single post,

    "It's the fucking jews Stupid!"

    Someday soon when your refrigerator is out of beer, your cupboards are out of chips, and your favorite sporting event isn't being broadcast on your beloved TV because electricity has been cut off remember this:

    You were warned and you spit in our faces. Don't come begging for food or water when the world goes to pot, you can rot in the living hell you helped create by your cowardly inaction.


  2. Crappy, you should come back to SI or BB where we can give you the beating you deserve. Even though I agree with 90% of what you say, the other 10% shows everyone what a tard you are. ha ha ho ho
    JZ Niggy