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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"White nationalism" mere Jew-serving ruse; Christian anti-semitism is what's needed

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White males are being displaced from employment and housing by the uncontrolled influx of unprecedented numbers of third-world migrants and their many offspring. All these desperate people willing to work for peanuts and crowd a huge extended family (often two different families!) into a little house drives down wages and makes housing unaffordable for everyone else. Scarcity of housing drives up prices. While working class whites are being driven out by unaffordable rents, middle class white families are being driven out by deteriorating school districts and the fear of home invasion robberies.


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"White Nationalism" Mere Jewwy Ruse; Christianity Proper Way To Go
(Apollonian, 14 Nov 12)

I notice this "anders hoveland" sucking-up to, and along with the Jewwy "madkins"--a real lowlife, anti-Christ, Jewwy scum--who pushes the Jew-funded and -directed BNP (Brit. nat. party). So just in case this "anders" creature is yet ANOTHER Jew attempting to infiltrate the site and supporting Jewwy "madkins," let me make a note here.

Thus I, like most whites, are certainly for whites, but we ought to take accurate note as to what's the REAL problem here--Jews and the Jewwy subjectivist, moralist culture which is adopted by white suckers, scum, and dupes.

It's this Jewwy culture, pushing moralism/Pharisaism, hence anti-racism which oppresses not only whites, but all humanity.

So instead of blaming the muds and other gentile races, the blame ought to be put where it belongs--(a) Jews and (b) their accomplices--esp. among whites pushing this putrid and treasonous anti-white moralism.

Observe then the true and real program going on now right in front of our very faces--the anti-human "agenda 21" environmentalism of the Jews at the top (like the United Nations, etc.) pushing for de-population and genocide, this then put into actual, horrific practice by means of fluoride-poisoned water supplies, toxic, cancer-causing GMOs, and toxic vaccines, not to mention the "chem-trail" seeding of atmosphere which then settles and poisons and contaminates the ground-soil.

Further, there's the forced drugging of society by means of legal drugs like ritalin and other horrific chemicals. Then there's radiation poisoning by means of weaponized depleted uranium--all of this genocidal activity, once again, being pushed by Jews and their accomplices esp. among whites like aforementioned low-life, "madkins."

Hence "white-nationalism" is seen for what it really is: just another Jewwy attempt to keeping kikes at the top safe in place, gentiles distracted and kept in-fighting.

CONCLUSION: The best, most effective way to go for all gentiles, including esp. whites, is Christian-oriented anti-semitism, the REAL Christianity which up-holds TRUTH above all/any other tenet, Christian truth the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--AGAINST Jew lies, subjectivism, and esp. moralism/Pharisaism (JOHN 8:44). All true Christian gentiles, white and non-white, understand race-mixing to being repulsive disaster it really is.

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