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Monday, November 26, 2012

Jew puke, pretending to "defend" "whites" (ho ho ho) behind the BNP (Brit. nat. party)--BNP is puke, no doubt

"Madkins" The Jew, Intensively Working For Jews Against Whites, All Humanity, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 26 Nov 12)

Here we got "madkins" (see, the Jew, again hyping another Jewwy gambit by the Jew-run, Jew-directed, Jew-funded BNP (Brit. nat. party), the purpose being to divert, confuse, and subvert both white folk and all gentiles against the REAL ENEMY, the kikes, whom "madkins" works for so sedulously.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: number one strategem of kikes is to KEEP GENTILES FIGHTING ONE ANOTHER.

"Cultural Marxism"?--well, what diff. does it make when kikes run the COUNTERFEIT scams (like US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.), w. monopoly (literally) upon the money supply?--they just PRINT-UP, for practical purposes, all the money they need or want.

So if it isn't "cultural Marxism" it'll be some other ploy or farce Jews will finance. Thus "madkins" hypes these kikes as our "saviors" when it was kikes and accomplices in first place who brought all the muds into the formerly white nations.

So now, observe and take note: here's what kikes and BNP push, aside fm the pretext like "cultural Marxism"--

(a) Now kikes are "white"--eh?--ho ho ho--and these kikes will now finance and direct ("white," well-paid, u may be sure--like "madkins," no doubt) thugs to enforcing this honorary "whiteness" of kikes AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE who refuse to accept this idiotic, traitorous farce.

(b) Observe whites are now, replacing kikes, portrayed by these BNP kikes, as against ALL OTHER GENTILES, placing "whites" in the spot-light, whites now ISOLATED and made out to being ENEMIES of all other gentiles, these "nationalist," Jew-friendly "whites" suck-alongs to kikes. Note this enmity pushed by BNP against other gentiles is NOT NOT NOT something desired by many whites who genuinely want to be rational w. other gentiles.

(c) Jews (of predominant "leftist"-style) are now placed in position to championing humanity against these kikes and accomplice, stupid white-nigger scum of BNP.

(d) And obviously, this totally subversive and anti-human (anti-non-white gentile) BNP activity is in absolute CONFLICT w. the proper Christian anti-semitic movement, "madkins" the kike, notorious for his slanderous dis-info and anti-Christ, hence Jew sympathies masked in brainless, idiot mysticism and paganism, this putrid mysticism being actually anti-rationalist and anti-white, never doubt.

(e) And BNP, along w. "madkins" the Jew, then is foremost in the Jew attempt to subverting and opposing the proper Christian anti-semitic movement which otherwise UNITES ALL GENTILES.

And again, note rationalist Christianity, hence anti-semitism, is the best, most effective thing, confirmed by history, for anti-semitism and at same time preserving racial loyalty, exclusivity, all in accord w. common sense and Godly TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against the REAL ENEMY, the lie-worshipping Jew (JOHN 8:44).

CONCLUSION: These Jewwy gambits, like the Jew-ridden BNP and Jews like "madkins" and "xzizx," are subversive of the proper "white nationalism," New Nation web-site, and the real, best interests of not only white folks, but all gentiles, never doubt.

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