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Friday, November 2, 2012

Basic cultural conflict: Christian truth vs. Jew lies; immediate problem is traitor "Judeo-Christians"

Fundamental Cultural Struggle Is Christian TRUTH Vs. Jew Lies
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 12)

I. Basic Philosophy

Comrade vorlos (see nothing will work in way of analysis UNLESS we can agree upon basic premises.  Thus I always emphasize dear Christianity and then, esp., Gosp. JOHN, a very under-rated and over-looked nut-shell/capsule theology, much simpler than the relatively elaborate theology of St. Paul.

U (and we all) must then grasp the heavily and sublime PHILOSOPHIC implications of Gosp. JOHN who/which affirms the Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, basis/premise for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8) which is fundamental ideal/principle of our dear Christianity in diametric, Hegelian ANTI-THESIS to Jew lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus Christ affirms the existence and primacy of TRUTH above all other principles, including "love," peace, "faith," "good," or anything else, this truth then necessarily requiring the objective reality as premise/basis/criterion.

And thus for kikes there is no "truth" but "what's good for kikes"--meaning then, the top kikes--top Jews always willing to sacrifice even the lower-level kikes (like the bolsheviks) to gaining their objectives, thus wealth and power, lower-level kikes willingly sacrificing themselves as long as they can kill a few goyim on the way.

Thus there's NO TRUTH for Jews--except of a SUBJECTIVIST sort always manipulated for meaning, significance, and consequences, aimed at "what's good" for top kikes.

Thus u see comrade vorlos: it's (a) Christianity (truth) vs. Judaism (lies)--which converts then to Aristotelian objectivity vs. Platonic subjectivism--it really is a matter of most sublime philosophy in every sense of the word.  Of course then Christianity merely renders an ALLEGORIC-type understanding oriented to the mass of the people who otherwise cannot grasp strict logic, science, reason, etc.

II.  CYCLIC Nature of Reality, History, In Context Of Human Sin, Hubris

Thus as reality is OBJECTIVE (created by God), it is DETERMINED according to strict cause-effect, and hence there can be no perfectly "free" human will, humans necessarily sinners doomed to fearsome fires of heck, TOTALLY subject to God's saving grace.

Thus u see, good comrade vorlos: there can be NO "good-evil" as it would require a perfectly "free" human will which is impossible and HUBRISTIC--ONLY God has perfectly "free" will to which humans are ABSOLUTELY subject, period.  Thus humans cannot be "good," and they cannot be "evil," only insane (or, as we say, sinful).

Thus to pretend humans are "good or evil" is simply the same Pharisaism which Christ classically denounced and the same hereticalist Pelagian heresy (based upon fallacy of "good works") of St. Augustine who analyzed and denounced it.

III. Spenglerian Western "Decline" And Rule Of Jew Subjectivism Over Christian TRUTH

Thus we see the great, inexorable CYCLIC process of history and the present "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler: (a) at first the heroic, pioneering generations, just like the old Romans, were so scrupulously HONEST and dedicated to real virtue of the Holy Spirit (honest rationalism--or rational honesty by which the TRUTH of Christ was apprehended and appreciated).

(b) But gradually, as the original heroes of the first generations gave way to real success and prosperity, the corrupted and jaded following generations began to pretend to "moralism/Pharisaism" and "good," and as we see, sought to freeing of the negroid slaves even at expense of those of fellow race, which led to Civil War and the horrific genocide of our dear Southern volk.

Thus we find ourselves today still in the midst, merely further along, in this horrific, Spenglerian, CYCLIC, Western "decline" whence now the regime of Jew lies so TOTALLY controls things by means of their COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed")--see for expo/ref.

And so I could go on for details, but the pt. now is horrific fact of great HUBRISTIC madness, delusion and obsession w., at root, fallacy of "good-evil" which we observe our poor, dear people in the grips of.  Thus note our people imagine the principle of truth and objective reality is to be TRUMPED by "good-evil" subjectivism--Jew subjectivism has come to rule over Christian TRUTH and objectivity.

Of course, there are many more details which could be adduced to this brief expo/analysis, but these, fore-going, are basics, I'm confident, and again the pt. is to note our dear volk have lost sight of the primary virtue of Christian TRUTH above all, hence objectivity, Jew lies now ruling, founded upon hereticalist, delusionary, fallacious, HUBRISTIC "good-evil," and subjectivism.

I'm not sure the exact solution to things, propaganda-wise, except to note the horrific traducement of Christianity itself, Jews now understood as being mere variation/version of "Christian" in way Episcopalians are understood to be Christian variation of Lutherans, for example.  Truth, of course is, as noted, Christians are ANTI-THESIS of Jew liars and murderers--Christianity is NECESSARILY, first and foremost, anti-semitic.

And if u aren't anti-semitic, then u aren't and can't be Christian--people need to face-up to this necessary understanding.

CONCLUSION: And the immediate, most crucial enemies of our Christian and gentile people are esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew and support terror-state of Israel, etc.  Jews thus will remain ultimate masters until FIRST we Christian heroes, patriots, and soldiers REMOVE these JC hereticalists--this is necessary, immediate task-at-hand.

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    War Is Inevitable: Planning/Analysis Is Imperative
    (Apollonian, 2 Nov 12)

    Note the problem is DELIBERATE treason--and we know what the penalty for treason is--so do the perpetrators, ZOG, never doubt. Further, the pt. of "no return" has now LONG been passed.

    Hence FIRST we need the people to be ORGANIZED in accord w. proper ideal and order thereof.

    Hence dear Christianity is the way to go--BUT it's gotta be SIMPLE so as to be understandable.

    Thus Gosp. JOHN gives simple, brief nutshell/capsule theologic grounding. And this capsule consists of Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

    Note TRUTH means there's OBJECTIVE REALITY (Aristotle) serving as premise. Jews insist upon a subjectivist "reality" based upon what's "good" for Jews.

    Primary, immediate enemy is "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who make way for Jews, the masterminds.