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Friday, December 14, 2012

Ho ho ho--Baboon-in-chief sheds crocodile tears at news-conference to push gun-control--But what's the plot?--Big terror coming, suckas

More, Bigger Terror Coming, Suckers--Get Ready For Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Be Used Against Civilian Airliners In Europe, Jew S A--Supplied By ZOG Gov.
(Apollonian, 14 Dec 12)

Ck, w. vid at the site showing Obongo, our nigger-in-chief, giving emphasis over latest satanic terror attack against people of Jew S A--ho ho ho--what a joke.

If u didn't KNOW before, u KNOW now, morons, this Conn. mass-shooting was TOTALLY staged by ZOG, without any doubt.  But what's larger picture in this horror movie we're living now?  Simple: there's more--and bigger--terror coming fm ZOG.

Note the US Ambassador in Libya was killed not long ago, just a few weeks ago--why?--it was undoubtedly to REMOVE A WITNESS, and/or perhaps because he objected to giving the al-qaeda and -associated terrorists in Syria the anti-aircraft missiles which are now going to be used on civilian air-liners in Europe and Jew S A--to be blamed on "terrorists," of course, and thus the excuse for ever-greater POLICE-STATE to be established, esp. here in Jew S A.

See, the satanic Jewwy puke in-charge here (Council on Foreign Relations [CFR], Tri-lateralists, and Bilderbergers--see or for expo/ref.) are riding proverbial "tiger"--they can't get-off, having passed pt. of no-return.

So people of Jew S A need to getting a clue--we got absolute mass-murdering, blood-drinking psychopaths working--what will we do?  People first need to getting together, hence understanding Christianity on RATIONAL basis--it's meant to be ANTI-SEMITIC, fools--that's it's basic, primary purpose, championing TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Christ assures us there's such thing as TRUTH, idiots--this means the OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian reality--comprende?--objectivity the criterion/premise for truth, facts, science, etc.

What now will CONFIRM ZOG's being behind these latest attack(s)?--easy: judges, gov., and Jews-media will cover-up pertinent facts, (a), and (b) if things still get too hot for them, they'll stage ANOTHER terror-event, ho ho ho.  Watch and see.

Good luck, my good comrades--just keep ur heads--the psychopathic puke are actually panicking, having played it all (world dictatorship take-over) a little too cleverly, by half.

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