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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't under-estimate people, including non-whites are evermore aware of veritable war being waged

Got these comments, just below, for my Prof. K. MacDonald blog of 16 Nov--see below:

Fair enough, I will agree with you that the plan is not perfect and that some of those "rights" need serious amending. I also believe that any form of socialism is totally destructive to the human spirit and has proven to be disastrous to Western Culture. Though I am all for the idea voluntary individual charity, never coerced especially by the state.

Still, though I agree with you with the need for Christian reason, we still need a game plan. At present, the only plan out there that is even half-way coherent is the NWF, even with its flaws.

Since you are a well informed scholar and gifted writer maybe you could tweak the basic plan of the NWF and show us what you believe has the greatest chance of getting us back in line with Christ, sanity, and back on the road to having a future.
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Don't Forget Or Over-Look Fact Obama & Co. Are Waging Veritable War Of Terror And Extermination Against All People, White And Non-White
(Apollonian, 5 Dec 12)
Thanks for ur comments/notes.  Observe my previous blog of 2 Nov and notes to comrade "Vorlos" of NNN (  Thus things can best be seen/analyzed in perspective/context w. a DETERMINED (no perfectly "free"-will) universe--hence CYCLIC in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."
Thus one sees we here in Jew S A still have a good ways to go for the complete cultural/economic "decline"/collapse--BUT it is coming without any doubt as note US bond market, for one vital/significant example, is at highest level IN ALL HISTORY--a huge, big BUBBLE is about to burst, very very soon, soon, soon.  Gregory Mannarino (see his channel) assures us when this bursting happens EVERYTHING else, economically, is going to crash, inflation then sky-rocketting, the middle-class, not just whites, being utterly impoverished.
But one thing which is still to be grasped by the people is evermore becoming clear, that being the veritable, demonstrable traitorous WAR and terrorist campaign that is steadily waged against the people (all the people, not only whites, don't forget) in the way of the obsessive attempting to dis-arming the American people, not only whites.  Observe this war is blatant, deliberate TREASON against the people (all the people, not just whites), their rights (to self-defense) and the CONSTITUTION, rule-of-law--this is serious and significant fact, still little-known among the broad masses of people, not only whites.
These measures are aside fm the presently on-going slow-kill war of extermination and veritable de-population according to infamous "agenda 21" by means of poisoned vaccines, contaminated and fluoridated water, poisoned GMO foods, poisoned additives (like "aspartame"), toxic, dangerous, legal and prescription drugs forced upon the school-children (at least 20% now, planned for at least 50%), for example, the toxic "chem-trail" seeding of atmosphere and ground-soil, and the radiation poisoning of depleted-uranium weapons, etc.
This war, most actively and blatantly waged by Obama, Holder, Jews Schumer, Bloomberg, and Feinstein, et al., is only masked by the passive complicity of co-conspirator "Republicans" (vile, filthy puke, truly) who deliberately and consciously fail to pt. out this OBVIOUS and blatant, treasonous war and terrorism being waged against humanity (in general), the people of USA (specifically), law, and Constitution.
Doubt this about deliberate war and conscious campaign of terrorism?--observe the spiel by the scum talking-head, Bob Costas, who used the half-time of prime-time broad-cast of Pro Football to spew this stinking terrorism, the repeated threat of dis-arming the volk in face of economic/cultural catastrophe up-coming whence there will be food-shortages, civil unrest, martial-law, and calling-in of foreign UN troops who will come fm Muslim countries, eager to get revenge against the people whose soldiers willingly follow Jew orders in mass-murdering of their own (Muzlim) citizens.
Thus the task for us patriots is emulating heroic, magnificent St. Constantine the Great who UNITED all gentiles, white and non-white against the kike satanist and mass-murdering monsters, and who even, for a short-while, anyway, was able to revive, somewhat, the then moribund Roman empire of the time.
As I note for comrade "Vorlos," below, we only need observe Jew S A is presently, actually an evermore corrupt empire, like the earlier Roman example, but wherein we can surely salvage significant territory for white homeland (not just in Northwest), the rest of the area itself additionally salvageable for whites on basis of genuine equality under rule-of-law in concord w. the other gentile victims of the Jews and accomplices.
Thus Christianity must only be understood in most rational and genuine terms, Christianity standing for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), etc., as I note.  Don't forget Christendom was the birth-place of Renaissance and modern science beginning w. Gallileo who married math w. physics, not to mention gov. as something proceeding fm legal contract--the "social contract" then elucidated and developed by Hobbes and Locke.  Never doubt Christianity is powerful weapon and philosophy--not merely "religion."
CONCLUSION: So u see, to re-iterate an extremely important but still little-noted fact: as things get worse and worse and worse in the natural CYCLIC process of things historic and sociologic, people, white and non-white will evermore become conscious and alert to the veritable, distinct, and demonstrable war and terrorism which has been actively and deliberate waged against us--as in way, most notably, recently, of attempting to dis-arm the targeted victims, not to mention the race-war (as in the "Trayvon" attempt), the class war of rich vs. poor (going on right now in guise of "fiscal cliff," ho ho ho), and the usual queer attempts at "gay-marriage" and child-molesting, etc., all colluded in by so-called "opposition" Republican scum in "good-cop, bad-cop" fashion/style.  Did u catch the UN bureacrat who cried and whined about State gov.s in USA legalizing medical marijuana?--ho ho.  Take good care, and happy hunting.


  1. Gregory Mannarino is about the only finance expert out there I listen to at all, the rest aren't even close to him in the way he presents the facts of what is happening and where it is going.

    "noted fact: as things get worse and worse and worse in the natural CYCLIC process of things historic and sociologic, people, white and non-white will evermore become conscious and alert to the veritable, distinct, and demonstrable war and terrorism which has been actively and deliberate waged against us"

    I agree. As conditions all around us worsen, the reality of what is happening will jolt many into consciousness and do the job of recruiting fellow white Christians to our side.

    I sincerely hope that the false prophets and servants of the Jews who run churches around the land are seen for the rats they are and dealt with accordingly.

    Until then I believe that we are obliged to do our part in trying to wake as many people up as we can. I know that this seems fruitless at times but the seeds we plant now are just about to germinate and grow. What was scoffed at before or filed away in the back of the skeptics minds as conspiracy theory will be remembered loud and clear and will act as Miracle Grow when S-really-HTF.

    I know the Jews will be stomped soon enough, I am not at all looking at that day as so cheerful as those maniacs will unleash hell upon us and kill a great many of us in the process.


  2. Indeed, my good comrade: note the Fukushima disaster was caused as result of failed electrical system and water pumps. Nukes are dependent upon electrical water pumps for cooling.

    An EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) caused by nuke exploding in atmosphere can disable all electrical systems within certain radius.

    Similarly, a large Solar-Flare--which is over-due, given past hist.--can also dis-able electrical systems. Take good care. A.

  3. Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History

    And soon to be the most "droned" as well. All those robotic killer land drones programmed or infected by a single Jew will unleash hell upon us.

    We are indeed in store for dark days ahead.

    If I cannot access the internet between now and Christmas, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, possibly our last chance to have one.

  4. Congressional Testimony: Walter J. Burien to Bill Windsor of Lawless America