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Friday, December 21, 2012

Satanists keep spitting in ur dumb faces, fools--are u EVER gonna get a clue?

Next Task: Definition & Exposition Of Satanic Conspiracy/Network: How & Why U KNOW Absolutely They Did The Sandy Hook Murders
(Apollonian, 21 Dec 12)

So what do I mean by "satanic/satanism"?--simple, just conspiratorial psychopathology--it's why things are "so messed-up"--why no one, and I mean NO ONE, can get ahead or even stay even, even w. the greatest difficulty--THE SATANISTS ARE IN CONTROL, suckers.  And u need to start to getting a clue TO SAVE UR IDIOT LIFE, morons.

See, humans are sinners, always, throughout any given historical/sociologic CYCLE, but as things go into Spenglerian "decline" (as of the West), the topmost criminals take iron-clad control of things, as we see, and these aren't just mere naughty children making unfortunate, blundering mistakes--they're absolute mass-murdering, devil-worshipping, blood-drinking psychopaths--SATANISTS.

See, the satanists ALWAYS get their way (presently), why?--because they gots all the money, fool--THEY CAN ALWAYS OUT-SPEND u, moron.  That (out-spending everyone/anyone), after all, is the purpose of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam--see for expo/ref. on Fed fraud--it's the way they have the system gamed/rigged--like the elections, ho ho ho.

Satanists just print-up all the money they need/want.  Interesting how their scam has been going now for 100 yrs, the average being about only 27 yrs for any given paper-money system.  But after all, they (satanists) have had great suckers and morons to be working with--the "boobus americanus," as H.L. Mencken put it, otherwise good people and hard workers, but STUPID as rocks in certain ways--like sucking-along w. Israel psychopaths, for prime example--"Judeo-Christians" (JCs)--see and for expo/ref.

But now, how do u KNOW recent Sandy-Hook mass shootings were DELIBERATE, staged mass-murder by the satanists, these satanists headed/fronted by their figure-head, Obongo the baboon?--very simple: observe the "Sandy Hook" interpolation in the recent Batman movie--see

But now, it may be objected, why would the satanists do this (such Sandy Hook interpolation in movies)?--essentially admitting to their criminality and murderous deeds?--and it's a good question to ask and ponder.

Answer is satanists so much hate humanity, etc., they want to push it in everyone's faces--this is their way of celebrating their satanist god, u see.  For note Christians, Buddhists and Muslims, for example, don't hesitate to publicly celebrate and proclaim their own Godly symbology--this then is the way satanists operate for themselves--they glory in fear and terror among the suckers and slaves, never doubt or forget.

The Sandy Hook movie interpolation is simply their own symbology--get a clue, fools, to save ur stupid lives.

Otherwise, observe facts about Sandy Hook: the typical (nowadays) conflicting Jews-media reports, the EXTREME un-likeliness, if not total impossibility, of the actual deed of the mass-shooting, 27 dead, only two wounded; the supposed shooter himself being obviously incompetent to being able to perpetrate such deed, etc., etc.  Observe further, the father of Adam Lanza is high-ranking corp. bureaucrat, natural victim and target of satanists.

Sandy Hook is simply another definitive step, confirmed by the Batman movie interpolation, in the CONTINUING satanist conspiracy to dis-arm and enslave the people of USA and world.

Ho ho ho--and observe the satanist Jews-media doesn't even bother to trying to explain the Sandy Hook movie interpolation--as usual, they just contemptuously (satanically) ignore the obvious necessity for a definitive explanation.

See, suckers: at this pt. in the game, the Jew/satanist establishment and rulers need to PROVE THERE IS NO SATANIC CONSPIRACY--which they can't and won't do.  Do u think u want to live and survive?--u better start getting a clue, morons.

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