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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Satanists, Jews are the obvious enemy, but what's necessary ideal?--Christian TRUTH, never doubt

Greatest Problem For Patriots?--Who To Focus Upon As Enemy (a), (b) What's Necessary Ideal
(Apollonian, 19 Dec 12)

See  Brainless goon-morons are actually selling their guns back to cops in "buy-backs"; nonetheless, total, overall gun-sales are up (see

We're at war, un-doubtedly, ZOG actively working to over-throw citizens' rights and NECESSITY to be armed, esp. in face of tyrannical gov. as we have, resulting chaos encouraging random and petty crime by such as nigger punks.  But then again, isn't it precisely what tyrants would do?--ho ho ho.

And note the Sandy Hook mass-murder, like the Aurora Col. shootings, ARE TOTALLY STAGED by ZOG--see

Only real problem, as usual, are the morons, consisting of queers, metro-sexuals, and trendies, aside fm the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) scum, of the population facing up to facts and reality about satanic, Jewwy tyrants who are moving and acting now against us most actively, presently esp. in way of propaganda and psy-ops.

So who/what's enemy?--obviously it's kikes, as usual, kikes and their suck-alongs (consisting of Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers, et al.).  BUT, now what's necessary ideal/principle by which to rally patriots against these satanic, Jewwy enemies?--it must be Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH precisely in the spirit of Gosp. JOHN 14:6, Christ (truth) being only way to Godly happiness.

Thus TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH is FOREMOST ideal above love, "faith" (which only means loyalty), peace, or altruism (non-selfishness, which is actually impossible) or "morality."

Thus note ideal of truth is basis of the rationalist culture, Christ assuring us there's way for our minds to understand and grasp the truth (which depends thus upon the OBJECTIVE, Aristotelian reality), thus reason, science, and logic, surely the greatest features, gifts, and consequences of Christian culture.

But then, what happened to Christendom that it became so corrupted and degenerate?--note then this is natural course of hubristic, sinful humanity, as history is CYCLIC.  People thought they could and should, in spirit of false moralism (Pharisaism), tolerate the Jew disease which lied and bribed their way in.

BUT, again, it doesn't mean we need be rocket-scientists in order to be Christian--as HONESTY is the basic, greatest virtue along w. reason, rational honesty, and honest, straight-forward reason being the HOLY SPIRIT, the third person of the Christian God-head, honesty and reason the primary human means of appreciating TRUTH/Christ.

It really seems to me these satanist Jews of ZOG are making a most desperate effort to dis-arm the people and they're not going to wait for people to be moved or persuaded--it's all just a prelude to more serious action on part of satanic gov. which has already armed itself w. 1.6 billion bullets, perpetrated grossly fraudulent elections, and now further, working to up taxes (in midst of recession), etc.--all satanic developments, insane as well as psychopathic.

What do satanists have up-the-sleeve?--something like an EMP attack which would dis-able the electrical grids and rapidly de-populate the country, quite possibly.

Meantime, satanists still have continuing terror campaign going, terrorist "al qaeda" (CIA/MOSSAD front, actually) being armed now in Syria (but soon to come here to USA, never doubt) w. shoulder-launch anti-aircraft missiles to shoot-down air-liners.

All patriots must merely keep "heads," don't shoot till u spot the "whites" of proverbial eyes, ho ho.  Happy hunting, comrades.

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