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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sandy Hook Jews-media spin collapsing--no video, no ballistics report--it was false-flag, suckers

The Ultimate Satanic Axis: Jews, Queers, & Judeo-Christians
(Apollonian, 29 Dec 12)

Doubt the satanic conspiracy/network/complex?  I was listening to Alex Jones ( show yest., Friday, and Mike Adams (, the "health ranger," reports, hey, there's NO VIDEO of the Sandy Hook shooter/shootings--which has to exist in the public schools--remember the vids fm Columbine, back in the 90s?  So the "authorities" (ho ho) are withholding evidence--golly gee, but why would they do that?  Ho ho ho.

And Adams also pt.s out there's lack of simple ballistics report fm the cops and coroner, including upon mere matter of shell casings for the dozens and dozens of bullets which were allegedly fired.

Are u dumb-asses starting to begin to getting the satanic picture?--Sandy Hook is obviously staged, a classic "false-flag," these puke now caught red-handed.  No wonder the pig--excuse me, the cop--threatened prosecution for bloggers who report on the actual facts.

See, in order to ban the internet--satanists worst enemy, along w. guns--first they had to do something like Sandy Hook mass-murder, right?--but that's not working, is it?  Ho ho ho

Alex Jones is doing best job he can on the gun-rights issue, I'm sure, but his problem is he's so much gross, pathetic flunky to kikes--can't even answer the simple question, did Jews steal the Palestinians' land?--yes or no?  Ho ho ho

Thus we see satanists have such strangle-hold over stupid goyim of Jew S A--the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists essentially bullying and dominating EVERYONE else among the people, Jews controlling the JCs by means of the queers among them (like Ted Haggard, eh?--ho ho ho--see

Satanists are steadily being cornered, if u notice--they haven't got many cards left to play, an EMP attack one of their last plays still up their "sleeve," eh?  Ho ho ho 


  1. The entire Sandy Hook scam is very odd.

    Aside from the obvious use of this staged incident to strip us of our 2nd amendment there's even more weirdness to it.

    Apparently this little town is a hub of Satanic recruitment and activity, and the home of a notorious mental institution.

    I understand what glue binds the Jews together. I understand why the blacks, mestizos, Asians, queers, and other degenerates go along with their plans; mistakenly believing that by doing so that the Jews will destroy the white race and that conditions for their sorry lot will improve under Jewish rule.

    I never understood why any white would ally themselves with Jews and their plans other than the true fools and utter psychos.

    Most of these non-Jewish real satanists may be psychotic, I don't know, but they are sociopathic. It strikes me that it's a bit odd that they would choose to side up with the Jews and their plans since by doing so will mean that they will end up subservient to the Jews in the end. This goes against their core principles, even as twisted as they are.

    This makes no sense when one understands the mentality of the sociopath, especially coupled with Satanic beliefs.

    Other than Lucifer himself coupling the Jews with the non-Jewish Satanists for his ultimate aims of enslaving us to his chosen people, I cannot see that Satanists would ever go along with this program any other way.

  2. I'd say it's kikes who are BY FAR the MOST satanic.

    But note many, if not most, of all the other races are sympathetic to dear Christianity (worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Present time is much like Roman emp. of early 4th cent., never doubt, and as things get worse, people know better who the real enemy is: Jews and their satanic accomplices.

    Here's great website:

  3. Thank you for the link. I have been all over sifting through information on this case and the deeper you dig the more bizarre it gets. This false flag is the worst since 911, maybe even worse considering the 2nd Amendment and what's left of our constitution hangs in the balance. I guess the UN-Patriot Act finished off but I was holding out hope.