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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time is running-out for Jew world order, never doubt

Well Suckas, "Fiscal Cliff" Is Accomplished; Next Scam On Schedule Is "Debt Ceiling," Ho Ho

Well, baboon-in-chief, Obongo, got us ratcheted up for higher taxes and greater spending and debt, cackle cackle; gun-confiscation (terror) is on-going, the Jews-media right on track; next disaster on the schedule is the debt-ceiling scam where, like in "fiscal cliff," the Republicans are sure to cave-in to raise the spending ceiling, raising spending and debt yet more, ho ho ho ho, cackle cackle, betraying the stupid scum we call "the people," the poor saps--who however will be distracted w. continuing foot-ball games, porno, etc.

Meantime the cops and national guard are all stocking-up w. tons and tons of ammo.

What can the citizen do?--remember we (patriots) must work fm the bottom-up, beginning w. local gov., moving then to the state.  Don't forget Sheriffs are top officers of the county, and if u have the Sheriffs on ur side, that's significant.

Aside fm local gov., note a serious understanding of the real Christianity is outstanding way of communing w. fellow citizens.  Stock-up for food, ammo, chap-sticks (ho ho), etc.--when the currency finally collapses, all these things can well be traded for necessaries.

A great way of breaking-ice for Christian conversations is to reminding--and then proving--folks that Christianity is worship of truth, the only real happiness, and is thus necessarily anti-semitic, against lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus satanists are evermore exposed, and remember that ultimately there is "no honor among thieves"--the sooner satanist scum approach victory, the more they will tend to falling-out w. one another.  Good luck.


  1. A couple of items to consider:

    More on the Sandy Hook Mossad operation(2 parts)

    Did DHS Just Award an Ammunition Contract to a Shell Corporation?

    The kikes are out to swipe our guns because they know those guns will be trained on their asses when the bottom falls out on this financial house-of-cards and it comes crashing down.

    I sense they are getting desperate and are acting with great urgency to get their gun control plan going as soon as possible.

    I think, or rather hope, they have pushed way too far way too fast this time. Many, many people are hot on this Sandy Hook scam.

  2. Excellent comments and info, good comrade--thanks much. Indeed, these are ABSOLUTE psychopathic satanists we're up against, more and evermore getting wise and hip. There's no turning back for these satanist puke.

  3. More links to Mike Harris.

    Date: 01-04-13
    Today's guest was Jim Kirwan, the topic was the illegal attempt to subvert the US Constitution and the 2nd amendment. The possible civil war if the criminal government keeps violating it's mandate.

    BTW, gun shows around the country are selling out on guns, clips, ammo, and other supplies. The kikes have got to see the writing on the wall, let's make sure it turns into a wailing wall inside a prison cell on their way to the gallows.

    All that it's going to take is for the goons who serve the kikes is to shoot one high profile target and for the footage to get on the internet. The game will be on.

    I am sick of hearing how resistance is futile since the ZOG military has all the firepower and we will have mere pea-shooters in comparisons. All I can say is for those who say this is for them to look over to illegal operation Afghanistan and to reconsider their nay-saying.

  4. Here's a story which may brighten the day for you:

    "What I Saw At The Coup"