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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Understanding the New Test. Book of Revelations--important to know for general edification

What New Testament's Book Of Revelations Is Really All About: Fictional Depiction Of Ending Phase Of Historical Cycle
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 13)

Note Christian Book of Revelations is important to understand for the Christian soldier as it is used as tool by the Judeo-Christians (JCs--see and for expo/ref.)--and Jews behind them--to bamboozle the suckers pretending and aspiring to "Christianity."

Specifically, note these "Christian" (esp. JC) morons are brought to think that present Israeli terror-state is "prophesied" in Revelations, and Christians are obligated to support this stinking, murderous terror-state.  These JCs now are led by such as Pat Robertson and Charles Hagee.

Don't forget New Test. is collection of works written by humans, and must be understood as literature and allegory.  Thus Book of Revelations emphasizes, first of all, the idea of CYCLIC HISTORY, and hence the "end times" phase we always find at end of one cycle and beginning of another.

So reading the actual text of Revelations shows it to be fanciful and fictional rendition dramatizing such end-times which can truly be horrific for the various weapons which can and will be brought to bear, famines, plagues, etc.

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