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Monday, January 14, 2013

Observe the Sandy Hook Hoax--very elaborate--but now ck this latest instance of Fox News "interview"/debate, ho ho

How Satanists Work: Psychopathic Liars, Deceivers--And Sooooo Elaborately, Too--A Case-In-Pt., Fox News
(Apollonian, 14 Jan 13)

It's essentially proven now that so-called, pretended Sandy Hook "massacre" was/is fake, staged by actors--see (also  In same way, satanists stage other things--like simple interviews and "debates," ho ho ho, and perfect case-in-pt. is recent Fox News (Sunday) "debate"/interview by Chris Wallace and US Senators, Feinstein (Cal.) and Ron Johnson (Wisc.), this utterly stupid scum, Johnson, pretending to "defend" the gun-rights of citizens (see these vids at and with verbatim transcript, [It's easiest to just fast-forward through the vid to listen to the moron, Johnson, babble in his hesitant, queer, apologetic, defensive, idiotic manner, falling all over his brainless self.  But then ck the transcript to confirm this amazing, blatant stupidity which couldn't otherwise be any accident.]).

In this interview/"debate," Johnson is OBVIOUSLY a stupid, incoherent, ignorant, scummy dupe who is put there to DIS-CREDIT the citizens' gun-rights.  Ck the above-referenced transcript: the question is asked pt.-blank why the citizens must be armed w. the "semi-automatics," obvious reason being to resist tyrannic gov.--BUT the stupid puke (Johnson) NEVER gives this necessary, thematic reason, merely emphasizing idea the Aurora shooter was sick, sick, sick..., etc., the dumb, brainless, piece-of-shit--who is UNDOUBTEDLY on the pay-roll of Jewwy Fed COUNTERFEITERS (see for expo/ref. on Fed COUNTERFEIT scam).

The interview/"debate" segment in question is just over 10 minutes long, all totalled, and Johnson is given at least 4 separate instances to address the issues; he only emphasizes the "sickness" of the "shooters," NEVER addressing the danger of tyrannic gov.--which is absolutely imminent and in-ur-face, w. the NDAA, etc.--this is all Satanic hypnosis and mind-programming--which has worked brilliantly so far in history and esp. recent history.

Further--and again, u gotta watch this amazing, putridly bland interview (one feels like it's been seen thousands of times)--the piece-of-shit, Hutchinson, emphasizes also the legitimacy and good-will of the filthy kike, Feinstein--U SEE HOW THIS ALL WORKS, dumbasses?--it's satanic mind-control and programming, just repeated, repeated, repeated, in typical hypnotic fashion.

Never doubt this piece-of-shit puke, Johnson, will cave-in at the right time, the satanists having him on their pay-roll (even if the dumb bastard doesn't know it).  In fact, never doubt this gun-grab activity, replete w. latest Sandy-Hook hoax, HAS ALL BEEN PROGRAMMED and planned, satanists having nearly INFINITE funds fm their Fed COUNTERFEITING scam available to bring it all about--there's MORE to come, never doubt, morons.

For observe: the US Dollar is ready to collapse very, very soon, which will bring sky-rocketing prices, food-shortages, riots and civil un-rest, satanists then REQUIRED to impose most draconian police-state, declaring martial-law, bringing in UN troops (including Muslims who will gleefully kill American suckers w. greatest pleasure)--this is all ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, fools.

Satanists and kikes are GOING-FOR-BROKE, suckers, never doubt--for when currency collapses they will have no choice--all the "king's horses and all the king's men" un-able to put it back together again--it will be do-or-die for them to impose their dictatorship--they will use drones, nerve-gas, and nukes--whatever it takes, shit-holes.  GET A CLUE, u stupid scum, for once in ur worthless, moronic lives.


  1. This is the second hour of the "Short End of the Stick" radio show:

    Aside from some serious apologizing by the guests Gordon Duff and Dr. Jim Fetzer for the jews at the end, several major facts are revealed that tie the Mossad directly to the Sandy Hook massacre.

    Quite interesting indeed. I hope you have a chance to listen to this clip and comment about it.


  2. Thanks much for ur info and the link/reference, good comrade. I listened to it, the radio show, and it was EXTREMELY interesting, indeed. It confirms the Jew/MOSSAD/Israeli connections, at least at the fringes.

    Presently, note, we're just trying to get all the basic info--there's still NOTHING, as in way of bodies, or at least pictures thereof--NOTHING. And it shows the close cooperation of the Jews-media w. the satanic masterminds, this all made possible, never forget, by means of nearly INFINITE funding by means of their COUNTERFEIT scam, the Fed.