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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How/Why satanists continue to get-by: their COUNTERFEIT weapon is over-looked

Question For "Conspiracy Theory" Is Put, Jones Blows It, Though Not Completely
(Apollonian, 15 Jan 13)

Ck, for latest, most interesting interview w. heroic Alexei Jones (, even though he's horribly compromised by Jews, as we know.

The Turkish mud, one Cenk Uygur, asks at very beginning of the interview an honest and thematic question, namely, what the over-arching conspiracy is--and Alex hits all around it, but fails to nail it, though he makes it quite clear there's un-questionably substantial and abundant evidence--he still fails to EXPLAIN it in essential terms.

And that basic, over-arching, under-lying conspiracy is COUNTERFEITING, legalized--like the Fed (US Federal Reserve Bank--see for expo/ref.), the IMF (International monetary fund), the BIS (Bank of Int. Settlements)--though the Fed is at the heart of it.

For obviously then, money buys and finances everything and everybody.  World gov. is simply enforcement--as of "legal tender" laws, forcing people to accept the funny money.  But of course, it (the phoney currency prevailing presently) will all collapse, and then there will be most horrific catastrophe, perhaps even nuclear war.

Currency collapse is CERTAIN--exactly when it will actually strike is still un-certain, but it will be soon enough.  Inflation is now strong and raging at a solid 9%, according to "expert," Peter Schiff; the end cannot be far away.

So obviously, the Fed must be removed in order just to have a chance of successful revolution, and electronic voting must be removed too.  But people still need something by which to unify--even as the weak fall by proverbial "way-side."  And this unifying force must be Christianity, hence anti-semitism--and that's Alexei Jones' weak-pt.

Thus, to overthrow kikes, FIRST the "Christian"-styled heretics and accomplices to kikes must be overthrown--esp. therefore the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs)--see and for expo/ref.  And thus one merely needs understand the real Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) and subjectivism.


  1. I used to scoff at the reality of the power of Satanists, but lately it is clear as day that there is a real conspiracy of evil at work around us.

    I don't know if you have seen/read this before but it adds a spin to the whole story as most of the players on this flnak of the game aren't jews:

    "Inside The LC
    The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation"

    Start here with part 1 and hit home to return to the homepage to read each segment. I know it's a little lengthy but it is quite revealing. I don't understand why this particular camp would sign on with the jews and join them. The only thing that binds these scum together is the traction beam of pure evil.


  2. "Evil" Is Mere Childish Conceit Of Pharisaics
    (Apollonian, 16 Jan 13)

    Comrade: u need to get it straight within ur head, once and for all--THERE IS NO "evil," period--this is part of the whole, overall problem, and u really need to figure this out.

    The satanists are just psychopaths, that's all--co-ordinated and highly organized, true--but they're their own worst enemies, ultimately.

    For reality is totally DETERMINED--get it?--that means everything happens according to ABSOLUTE cause-effect, and there is no perfectly free (God-like) human free will--we're all sinners, and "no one is perfect in eyes of the Lord, no, not one."

    U need to understand this DETERMINIST principle just in order to begin to being able to figure things out--if u can't (or won't), u're NEVER gonna understand anything, including HOW things work.

    The idea that there's "evil" is childish, first of all, programmed into us when we're young in order to make us feel guilt and inferiority, this then used to affect and program us to doing what the (satanist) powers want.

    The idea of "evil" goes along w. that HUBRIS, by which humans pretend to God-like "free" will, by which they can thus achieve/attain "good," ho ho ho--the foundation of PHARISAISM, essence of the kikes.

    So cut the crap w. this "evil," balderdash--u're just playing kikes' game. Puke are satanists, psychopaths, but are otherwise PERFECTLY predictable (basically) in this DETERMINIST universe where everything happens as it MUST--and in this way, u see, u and we will be enabled to figure things out, to plan, and to calculate in precise manner.


  3. Note also I've already read lots and lots of crap about Laurel Canyon. Of course it all involved goyim suckers--naturally.

    Kikes are just the top level of the overall criminal conspiracy, never forget.

    The rest of the kikes beneath the top masterminds are a (mostly) close-knit group of henchmen and petty little psychopathic puke--who urgently need extermination, indubitably.